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Skyrim Finale v1.0 WIP

Showdown between some Legendary scale Dragon and a Dragonborn. I have this idea that fighting a dragon inside his own mouth is like a Death Star trench run: either you make it and destroy your target or die any of a thousand explosive ways. Update on an earlier idea that I never thought worked all that well. This one has tweaks left but getting there. Hope you enjoy!
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this illustration is just EVERYTHING. Looking at this masterpiece was breathtaking and insane at the same time. It is so cool and well rendered. You gotta get more attention for your work!

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Great Art. The makers of the game should have had an enchanted version of that armor combination that counts as a set. Maybe have it transform after completing a quest.
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skyrim is total trash anyway.
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Why are there fucking HARDLY ANY dragons on the hero side in any media at all, I ask?

Fuck this shitty, generic drawing. Waste of time.
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Dood I Agree There Should Be Dragons As Good Boiz, But Cant U Just Enjoy Those Details That Probs Took A Lot Of Time To Make
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Waste of art, though.
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Totally badass and the Dragonborn looks like he was rendered by Frazetta! Kudos!
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cool, but the blood, flesh wounds, arrows, spear, fire, spit, added teethes and steam just look all out of place and Photoshoped. it's almost like you took all of it from google and just stick on it without cohesion. it would have been incredible if you didn't add it... and now that i look at it... the eye is also pooping out... what is going on here?
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And that's why it's a work in progress. I go back and make a few more passes at it, drop things out, add a couple in, blend more, fit and finesse it. This has all the raw elements in place now comes the fine integration. Patience young Jedi
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oh! nice. I am exited to see it done now :D
Good luck m8
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How is this possible. This is incredible
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magnificent, its very vivid and stunning. awesome work. 
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Big shame Alduin in-game wasn't much of a boss, just another copy-paste dragon
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