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Reverse Flash

Bookend piece to the promo Flash art that is being used quite a lot online to advertise the show
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- We will meet again soon, Flash!
- I know, and every time I will be ready for You...
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"See you soon, Flash."
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"I always win, Flash".
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Yasss. Bad ass. :headbang:
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He's nothing like the Flash, you could even say that he's the Reverse.
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Arguable my favorite villain from The Flash TV show! Reverse Flash! This portrays the maniacal speedster quite well.
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may i ask, did you use Loki in his promotional wallpapers for Thor: The Dark World to replicate that smile on the reverse flash here is is it all in my head. Either way, Great art man!!
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Good eye! It is indeed Hiddlestone's smile combined with Cavanaugh's...nice balance of maniacal and plain old crazy
Nobody-Just-Yet's avatar
Awesome!! Well it is still my favorite Reverse flash art so i just though it was cool the way you used that. ^_^ also to you take requests or would you be interested in showing us what a Marvel Cinimatic Universe Task Master might look like to you? Marvel recently got his writes back and i thought you would make an epic version on your own! anyways i look forward to your next piece no matter what it might be!
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Thank you! And funny you should mention Taskmaster....;)
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Very nice art work.
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Reverse Flash was awesome.  I'm sad he's gone.
I give 2 seasons at most that they will bring him back
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Rumors are Reverse Flash might return sooner.
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Nice work! Looks like a still from the show. 
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While Reverse-Flash is the better of the names, I'd still like them to somehow work in "Professor Zoom", even if it's only there to be shot down or mockingly.
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I love the trail of destruction behind him,looks so badass
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this was just brilliant. :D
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I think this is more eddie thawne than eobard
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