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Pre-Heresy Deathguard

Paintover after a pre-existing W40K piece ( for a friend of mine - just messing around in the Warhammer universe
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This is beautiful and the Marine looks like he knows he has already won and is just swanking his way around curbstomping the enemies of Man.  As befits Pre-Heresy, his armor’s fine details come togethet to make it look a lot more advanced than current powered armor and his weapon is a fittingly confusing mix of what is clearly bullets and a barrel that looks like it implies some sort of energy manipulation.  Like an Astartes sized, two-handed macro-stubbed (a powerful Mechanicus infantry weapon).
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I love Warhammer...
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Fabulous Foxy Chat Icon 
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amazing work
and not to sound cocky but you say its a Pre-Heresy Death guard
then how come that he has a Star Phantoms chapter symbol on his shoulder and a death specters symbol on his knee
and a blood raven Banner in the corner? xD

i love the picture though
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Not cocky at all. I'm happy to admit that I messed with canon. I was free styling across chapters. It started as a fairly pure PHD and went off the rails in a hurry lol. 
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Hahaha its not a problem at all 
messing with canon is good sometimes xD
but like i said i love your work 
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Amazing art work and aesome details, congratulations for this piece of art.
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Superbe artwork
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Too badass for words~!

Also he looks friggin amazing
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Great work!

Original art was created by Adrian Smith.
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Cool thanks for that! Much appreciated
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I am not familiar with Warhammer but this is just so damn awesome!
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Beautifully done. Is that from Warhammer? I never git into the game. D&D was a more affordable opton for me back in the day.

All I know is the few people I know that are in to the Warhamer game. They spend a shit ton of money and time on it.

Really impressive minis though. ;)
Awesome and BADASS!!! But it's not a Death Guard, the symbol on the shoulder pad and knee guard is wrong. Those symbols belong to the Star Phantoms or the Death Specters Chapters. Also the colouring is wrong.
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Yep I know. I appreciate the pointers. And I knew I was getting it mostly wrong partly right. No disrespect to the universe which of course is phenomenal. I do however need a very strong visual guide whenever I dive into this property for just these reasons otherwise I just kitchen sink it and put in whatever I dig. 
Ah ok then and your welcome.
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Epic ... realy great job...
(but looks more like a grey knight :P)

but like the first !!!

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Holy shit...

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