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Optimus G1 WIP

WIP of a Gen One variant of Optimus getting into it with some compelling threat. I liked the pose from a War For Cybertron screenshot so used that here as the basis for OP. And Transformers are always fun because explosions
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I can really see the WFC influence, especially with the rifle

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If Fall of Cybertron got a sequel....
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Nice art work you did.
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I can imagine this being the form Optimus takes at the end of Fall of Cybertron when they get to earth but its before his Prime form. He scans a flat nose which grants him his more previous body, then after having to go into a more secluded hiding was when he scanned the long nose.
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Epic and awesome...😏👉🏽
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Hell yeah! Optimus leading the troops!
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I like this one a lot. Hope you finish it soon!
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..................... And they couldn't look like this in the movies because...?
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"Love That Old School Look" 
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Now you're making fun stuff here within your detailed hand.
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That is awesome. I love the hybrid look of G1 and War for Cyberton.
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Love the OG influences but the modern updates
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exceptional!!!! the tones and lighting is perfect
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"because explosions" Best reason for anything fun xD
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jaw fuckin' dropping!
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Seeing this and one of the first things to come to my mind was "Ground Zero" by Stan Bush.
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Very cool. I hope it gets out of WIP stage.
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