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WIP of Nightcrawler, working to get an interesting moment in time with his teleportation. Tried a few different effects and finally walked away from this. Sideshow statue was an inspiration here
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Очень круто! *0*
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I like the design of this art piece, the coloring, the shading and the way you made Nightcrawler's hair with it parting as he's using his teleportation. The effects of him teleporting must have been difficult but I can see the detail and effort you put into it all. Very nice picture of a great Marvel comic book character. ^_^
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I love this piece, it's the best teleportation of Nightcrawler I've seen. I'd love to try to paint it onto a shirt for my nephew. It would not be sold and any photos I share of it would include you as the original artist. Would that be okay with you?
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Sure. Only thing I ask in return is a photo os the completed product. I like to see where the work ends up and on what.
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I don't know what software or workflow you used, but that is a VERY sweet pic!
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Owww, I love Nightcrawler! You did awesome work! :)
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Soo expressive strong character
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The colour of the mist he leavis behind is MARVELOUS! Get it? Marvelous.
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simply masterly
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This is absolutely incredible!
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amazing, perfect of my favorites
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Nice work! I adore Kurt Wagner :)
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How'd you do the BAMF stuff?
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One of the most badass characters of the x men!!
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this is truly awesome, well done!
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"Now you see me--!" 
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