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Namor WIP

By uncannyknack
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Study of the Sub-Mariner for an upcoming piece 
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wow, spock looked hot when he was young
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This is amazing
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Looks a lot like Max Greenfield, the Schmidt from New Girl.

Awesome work!
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Awesome work, I also notice the webbing between his fingers so I'm guessing a nod to "The Man from Atlantis" (?)  Anyway excellent work! 
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Good eye! Patrick Duffy bringing the freestyle
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Yeah man, I remember seen it back in the 70's!  Excellent work!
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Awesome. He kinda looks like Markiplier.
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I stumbled across this through Google.  It's sooo cool! 
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Woah! This is only a WIP!!! 😰😰I cant wait to see the final
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Tyler Hoechlin would make a great Namor.
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zachary quinto
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Great piece as always!  Just wish you had given him the characteristic helmet hair from the silver age.
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Off the hook! Imperius Rex! :iconnamorplz:
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wish marvel would stop screwing him over. First he's the only one of the Phoenix Five to be truly 'Punished' for the things they did... then everyone gets angry at him for making the call none of them would regarding that Justice League pastiche world, Black Panther gets his vengeance on him for what he did under the influence of said Phoenix Force, and then when that wasn't enough... an alternate universe version of Hyperion finally decapitates him for his 'crimes'.

Wish they'd cut the guy some slack.
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This is, by far, the best and most realistic portrayal of Namor I've ever seen (I've seen very few Namor fan arts, but this one takes the cake).
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My thoughts exactly the same.
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:) I've noticed that both Namor and Aquaman don't get very much love, but to be honest, I think they're better than what people think. After watching Batman v Superman, I'm hopeful for their portrayal of Aquaman.
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wait a second!! i'm totally wrong!! Namor never had membranes on his hands!! haha i was thinking in the man from atlantis!! sorry my friend!!
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Amazing job as always my talented friend!! i miss the membranes in his hands!
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Wow... amazing...
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