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This wonderful character is one I finally got around to doing a drawing of. Fun to play around the edges with this icon. I think next time it's a showdown with Ganondorf. Hope you enjoy! 
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This is incredible. Many draw him really masculine when it comes to realistic drawings. This is nicely balanced. Masculine with a little femininity that Link has. Great work!

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That is badass!
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"I paid 80 Rupees for this piece of crap and it can barely stop arrows! What is made out of, tinfoil?! Oops, I mean Het! Hyah!"
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This is wonderful.
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is it my imagination or did the one arrows go through the shield and is starting to stab in in the chest?
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One penetrated the shield yes. Needs to be a small measure of peril
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that shield looks weak :0
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I'd love to add this to my group even though it's a WIP :) Left-Handed-Link 
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Amazing work. Clap Headbang! 
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😍👍💙💙💙👏👏thanks 😄😄😘
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Wow OMG it is awesome!!! 
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Wow ... pure action!
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I can't fathom how frightening he looks.
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It's a nice detail that you put the sword to left hand. By the way, we have some nice art here *siren sounds *
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It's incredible! Clap Clap Clap 
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Extra points for realizing link is a lefty ^^
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Look, someone got Link's sword arm right.
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This is sò incredible awesome!!! :boogie:
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