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KOTOR Calo Nord

Calo Nord faces them down
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V1EWT1FUL's avatar
when he counts to 3, its worse then when you're parents did it
Gguywesker101's avatar
I adore this guy, a complete badass to the end: Takes you down without a sweat if you annoy him during your first meeting, doesn't mess around with anyone, goes as far as trying to kill himself (and take you with him) just to protect his reputation, and then he goes chasing you half across the galaxy.
SCOm1359AP's avatar
Calo Nord looks like Liam Neeson.. which seems more fitting than it should.
V1EWT1FUL's avatar
what about Jackie Earl Hayley, he actually could match the size
Thorberg22's avatar
I always saw him more like Ricky Gervais.
uncannyknack's avatar
Not by accident :)
Vrekandis's avatar
This guy did NOT get enough love in KOTOR.
SnowHawk7's avatar
Damn I hated the fight against this guy in KOTOR. 
EVE122's avatar
Hated this fight but still awesome drawing of him.
Tinmanfan17's avatar
can I just say Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of my most all time favorite games - probably my favorite RPG of all time. Your art for it has made my art skip a beat. I would demand more but the rest of your art is just... wow... so just... do... what you do Matthias 
His blaster looks like it was based off a MP5. See you kept to the Star Wars style of using real world objects. I like.
uncannyknack's avatar
Indeed and some cladding from the MP40 German machine pistol. We had no choice in the matter on the game. The two prime directives from LucasArts at the time were it has to be real world and have a strong silhouette
MakingPicsSlowly's avatar
Ha! Awesome rendition of him. Lol he's such a jerk. XD
BomperStomper's avatar
love this guy. great artwork for him
REDVAMPIRE120652's avatar
This guy is a bad-ass..  And He's very hard to kill..
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