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Godzilla vs Ghidorah WIP

Very excited to share this! Mostly complete collaboration with the massively talented DopePope He supplied the on point Zbrush models of G and G and I got to play in the mayhem sandbox. We will do many more! Just had a blast with this. Hope you enjoy!
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My money's on Godzilla!
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Just too cool this is best Godzilla painting I have ever seen thanks for this.
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That's very kind but equal kudos go to my pal DopePope for the ZBrush models. It was a true collaboration and a pleasure to work on
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I hope Godzilla: King Of Monsters have an amazing kaiju battle scene like this.
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Please let Godzilla 2014's sequel look like this...
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Fantastic work! Looking forward to see more collaborations from you guys
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THAT is how Ghidrah should look in Godzilla 2! A more realistic looking classic style is all you need. No three headed four legged dragons, and no radical redesigns. And I suspect Legendary will do something like this, likely based on the '64 Ghidrah. Kong's '33 throwback design for the Legendary Kaiju universe gives me alot of hope that they aren't gonna go all XTREME with Ghidrah.
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I grew up with Godzilla still love him all these years latet
Friend, good afternoon! Please, I could increase the resolution of this image as much as possible without losing quality so I can make a giant frame for my room ? ;)…
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Whoa...very well made...the scale, and the destruction of the city perfectly accentuates this amazing scene.
Lightning doesn't work for my eye the best way. Every element has been cutted out from different lightning situations, and it makes an unrealistic look on this work. The concept works anyway and the composition is good. Good way to make lightning to look better fast is to multiply one color layer (maybe blueish) on the whole work and set it's opacity to 10-25%. But before it I suggest you to mute the brightest greens a bit.
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Well done!
I love this!
My husband and I were just watching Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla II last night!!
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