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Frank Miller's Dark Knight

By uncannyknack
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WIP commission of Batman Frank Miller style. Fun to stretch the legs with a slightly different form language. Some fixes and polish but pretty much content complete
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this isn't a battlefield, its an operating table, And Im The Surgeon!
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The story that made Batman serious again. It’s probably the most iconic Batman story of all time and I love your tribute to it. Completely aweome!
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Most impressive!
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never cross the bat. the batglare alone can send you to the hospital with several broken bones.
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Baddie: "I'll them! Believe me I'll do it!" 
*Kills baddie*
Batman: "I believe you."
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the face of determination
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looks good really gives the sense of what Millers Batman would look like in live action 
though the color scheme seems bit too uniformed would change it up a bit darken the cowl and cape and lighten the suit as the symbol kinda gets lost into it.
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"You say you answer to some sort of authority. They only want me dead became I'm an embarrassment. I'm doing what they can't. What kind of authority is that?"
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You're a very complete artist, congratulations
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I'm The Goddamn Batman!! This is just an awesome piece of work. Shame Frank Miller is such a racist, sexist piece of crap.
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WIP? Can't wait to see final.
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Hey it's Crazy Steve.
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My goodness,looks great!
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Wow... that looks like it really hurts (talking about the crooks he lands on/punches).
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thats awesome he's it's perfect i've allways loved miller but this puts a whole new spin on it!!!!!!!!!!
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i like it

but i think you exaggerate bit to much the face and the head

.. funny thing thats something that happens a lot when people try to draw millers batman  somthing that happends a lot when people draw millers batman 
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Rexxar is strong in this one :love:
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Bravo! I hope that Affleck's Batman will look like this one.
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I cannot get over how great this looks :)
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