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Elven Druid

Commission for a friend's daughter of her D&D character, Elven Druid who rides a polar bear. Based off a Golden Compass screencap for the b.g but that druid is all fresh! Hope you like :)
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I think I may be in love with you. :) Awesome work. Sent you a private message. I am looking for someone to draw my female Kenku rogue for me. 
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reminds me of my wife and I.  Im the grumbly ole bear
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That. Is. So. Epic.
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I want to ride a polar bear
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Awesome! Love❤️
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that is awesome !
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Nice work, love the cape.
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Thats pretty hardcore. Good job!
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Holy, exquisitely magnificent! This Enchanting Elven Druid is stunning and The Polar Bear looks incredible! The expressions, poses, designs, suit, magic staff, hair, armor, cape, fur,saddle, mountains, snow storm, ledges, cliffs, sky, snowfall, clouds, antlers, movement, realisticness, wind, movement, flow, decor, atmosphere, hues, textures, concept, composition, uniqueness, lighting, colors, style, and other details are also wonderful! Amazingly radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
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Awesome, great work!
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I just recently fought a Druid in Pathfinder and he was such a pain in the a**!
Be that as it may, you did wonderful work with this pic! :)
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As someone who plays an elven druid, I approve! 

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This is amazing and it looks like you spent a lot of time on it (whether or not that is acrually the case) but the bear's fur looks unrealistic and the cape stands out a bit too much from the rest of the image. That being said, this is something you should be proud of creating.
Looks epic at very first sight which is the most important thing, but when I looked on it a bit sharper I was wondering the druid's cloak, how it is possible even walk with such a long cloak, and if there is some issues when one tries to move with such a thing how one could fight with it?? And the cloak looks a bit separate or disjointed of the main character. I mean it doesn't look to be on her shoulders at all.  But great work anyways!
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I looooooove this scene! Really beautiful!  :sun::clap:
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incredible ! i love the way that you put so much effort to each  detail !^^ keep it up !
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