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Dungeons and Dragons Party

By uncannyknack
WIP Commission for a friend of his D&D party. He had requests for certain and distinct but kept it fairly loose, aside from gender and race specifics and a couple magic items present. No height of action battle, he just wanted a group shot of the crew
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This is absolutely my all time favorite adventuring party artwork.

Fantastic job!

I am so impressed with all your work. This one is my favorite.

Thank you for sharing

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Finally found the artist (you) of this wonderful piece.
I found this art on google, had to get the file name to see what I thought was the artist name (you), and so here I am.
Hands down to a great style, which shows fully the epicness of a D&D party, clearly high level.

I am a long time DM and player, who commissioned some pieces around (like my own character, Elayne, here:  Elayne 2 by anotherwanderer )

If one day you would be up for commissions, of another party and or characters, drop me a line.
Hi.  I absolutely LOVE this!  Is this available for download in very high resolution?
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That's amazing.  Wish I had this for my party. 
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Love this.  Reminds me of my group (but this one looks more competent. ;)
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how much did this cost?
I would also like to know that. I have a group I have been running with for about two years now and something like this would be super cool.
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Awesome ... I like to do this with miniatures for each of my games!!
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You do amazing work. 
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Okay... If I really have to guess, from left to right:
Human Artificer
Elf Archer Ranger
Human Wizard
Halfling Rogue
Eladrin / High Elf Warlock
Dwarf Knight (Essentails) 
Tiefling Two-Blade Ranger
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Daaaaaamn!  This one's going directly to the favorites bin!
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that looks 4th edition to me!! giggle
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A brilliant, idea coming into a print framed, jovelj
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Should this perhaps be re-categorised to Photomanipulation? I'm not 100% sure - some parts of this image are definitely taken from other sources, though.
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Crazy - you made it live!!!
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Er... No cleric?
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The elf on the right looks like Thranduil from The hobbit :) Its a stunning piece of art I love it
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was coming down here to say that. so much like thranduil
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