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Doctor Doom

WIP of a personal take on a Marvel Ultimates piece. Owe to Sideshow and some MU for visual cues for the definitive Doom. I still can't bring myself to give him a hip hop 'D' insignia belt buckle though. Looking to get that iconic arms folded Kirby vibe and add some personal touches. Still poking and prodding
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"Silence fools! None of you are worthy to comment on the glory of Doom!"
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Agree with Mike. Love this.
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You know what, this is my absolute favorite picture of Doom, well done and keep up the good work.
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That's very cool of you thank you. He's my favourite Marvel villain and wanted to do Jack Kirby proud :)
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That armor.  Is that medieval, or cybernetic?
Nice job!  The fur line on Doom's cape is a wonderful touch, as is the additional detail work on his cape clasps and belt buckle...  it all gives him an even more majestic look.  That's such a classical pose for him.

Love your attention to detail on Doom's mask and armor...  you've captured a most sinister and intimidating look in his facial features, and his armor looks very formable and impenetrable.  You detail work in his cape is very realistic, right down to the individual folds and seams.

Thanks for sharing!
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Now THAT"S Doom!!
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This is how Doctor Doom SHOULD be done, not like that cheap rip off from the recent FF movie.
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Did u get my note
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Get fucked, shithead!
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None I can find on here
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Forget this insufferable idiot. He's a spammer and a troll, plain and simple. Block and report him.
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Pretty fuckin' awesome!
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amazing work!!
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Captured him perfectly!
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Next to the Reverse Flash piece this has to be my favorite cant wait to see the new Movie/design they go for such an awesome piece man. 
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the detail in the belt and cape chain clasps is fantastic (Ha) also armor rendered superbly. would love to see your renditions of his other outfits from say 2099 blue or red capes still please no "D' 
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:omfg: Just awesome! Awesome!
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Hey jus wondering, do you have pinterest? Because I saw this on Pinterest before I saw it here ... AnywY, great design!
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