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Dinosaur Riders WIP

A long-discarded concept from a show pitch. A spirit animal of the 90s show but much different. Thought I'd polish it up and give it some airtime. Just for fun and because...well...dinosaurs
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Very cool! You might like these.

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Looks amazing! :D

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the armour confuses me a bit, but still looks good
But T-rex was under Krulos control? :o (Eek) Or this one takes place after his fall? ;) Good job anyway!
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can't go wrong with dinosaurs
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Damn! Wish they would reboot Dino-Riders. The toys were some of the coolest back in the day :D The show was a bit lame though (bad script). But there was talk about a live action movie adaptation of the show some time back. I wonder if it will ever see the light of day.
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Everything's better w/Dinosaurs.
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That's AWESOME ! ! !

Applaud fella (Reactions) 
BRAVO ! ! !
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I remember the show, but I remember the toys most of all. I had to collect anything dinosaur related when I was a kid (still do of course).
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master piece
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I fricking loved the dino riders as a kid. I had all the toys to play with from my uncles, and loved watching the promo show!
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The details on the dinosaurs are outstanding. I especially love the motions in this one!
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So awesome! Good work!
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Ark survival evolved but in detailed art XD
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Ark Age Survival Evolved!!! Yess it looks really well!
Don't need any more reason than Dinos. Simple. :D (Big Grin) 
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This is what I imagine when people talk about cavemen and dinosaurs living together xP
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run for the hill
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