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Devil Dinosaur WIP

By uncannyknack
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Having some fun with Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy, a minor Kirby Marvel series from 1978. Very loosely based on the first issue cover
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U know what u should call it? Diablosaurus
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My favorite marvel character :)
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looks like chaka .
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Looks so good it looks like a cover for an upcoming movie. Fantastic!
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"In an age of monsters, HE was the mightiest of all!"
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This is what Devil should look like in the movies.
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It's not a zombie T-rex, so Harry Dresden still has one up on Moon Boy here.
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This is a work in progress? O.O

Fantastic amazing work! 
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I loved reading this comic book when I was a kid. Pretty awesome!
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Lies. This is the most complete WIP I've ever seen.
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THIS is a work in progress? Wow.
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Took the words right out of my mouth. if this is  a WIP, I wonder what the fully finished Version is going to look like.
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And yet more realistic than 2012
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Amazing!!!!!!!!! O.O
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This is great!  Fantastic dynamic image, gorgeous color and scary good talent...yep, it's a favorite!
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Man this brings back memories of Primal Rage's Diablo lol. Awesome picture!
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C'mon Ty, don't go out like a chump!
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An ape riding a dinosaur, its evolution baby.
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