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Darth Revan

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a WIP of a Darth Revan companion piece to Vader in the Galaxies promo. Strangely enough this is the first Darth Revan I've done since I first visualized him for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic all those years ago. May do more in future, some Sith Troopers, maybe even a Darth Malak rethink. For the record I loathe the original Malak design, and thankfully wasn't responsible for it, but Revan I thought turned out well
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Darkvader2016Hobbyist Artist
Kylo Who? I’m Darth Revan you scruffy nerfherders!
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V1EWT1FULHobbyist Digital Artist
that was a long time ago
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All hail Lord Revan

Thanks for bringing this character to life. Also, I agree with you on the Malak design. Never really cared for it. In my opinion, he doesn't look evil enough.
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Naarok0fKor Digital Artist
Darth Benderous1 by Naarok0fKor  
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Revan is my second favorite Sith Lord after Vader.
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Midway2009Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome work. :eyepopping:
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EricVonSchweetzHobbyist Digital Artist
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awesome pic of Revan
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BrowncoatMandoHobbyist Writer
I have a Black Series Revan about 4 feet to my right as I type this.  had no idea you're the man responsible- Thank you for your work, thank you for creating a universally beloved character
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uncannyknackProfessional Filmographer
My privilege indeed. It took an army of Biowarians to truly bring Revan to life. I was fortunate enough to be the one who first visualized him. That said, Star Wars is an inspiring mythology to run free in and we were richly rewarded for the experience. Great feeling to have been a part of something so meaningful to people.
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Despite your amazing and comprehensive portfolio, this alone will forever cement your legacy as one of the best creative artists of our era.  
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uncannyknackProfessional Filmographer
Aw thanks! Shit now I'm blushing. I really appreciate that
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spectreofhonourHobbyist Writer
This is awesome, one of my favourite sith lords (behind Vader and Caedus). Great work!
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Y-VAHobbyist Digital Artist
You created Darth Revan?! 0.0 OMG!!! 
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uncannyknackProfessional Filmographer
I'm the culprit. I had no idea Revan was so popular until I started guesting at comic cons and wow I was knocked out at just how popular. Honoured to have a few things in the SW canon that persist to this day. Pretty humbling
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Y-VAHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, Revan is a great character!! Thank you so much for creating such a great part of the SW universe :3 
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uncannyknackProfessional Filmographer
You're very welcome. My honour and my privilege
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revan the GOD!!!!! ..... maybe.
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Caine-of-NodHobbyist Photographer
Impressive, Stunning, and Marvelous Artwork!!!:) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) Wink/Razz :o (Eek) Meow :3 ;) (Wink) Clap La la la la Nod Giggle :happybounce: I think I've fainted. OMG Shocked Worship O_o Happy cry (Tears of joy) Devilish EVIL Laughter! Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. Ohm... Ohm... Woohooooo! B-) (Cool) Popcorn #1 :eager: by darkmoon3636 OMG MOAR POEMS! :squee: Judge Winner +favlove deviantART DeviantArt I love deviantART! deviantART 
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SnowHawk7Hobbyist Writer
One of my top ten favorite video games of all time. And one of my all time favorite Star Wars characters as well. 
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