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Darkseid WIP

Work in progress of one of my all-time fave Kirby villains, the mad tyrant of Apokolips 
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Fantastic work. Can't believe that this is 'just' a WIP. :clap:

wow i really like your designs and im very impressed, would you mind if i use some of them ??
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Can you believe her first appeared in Supermans pal Jimmy Olson?
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Very impressive artwork. Although, why is every thing a "Work In Progress" (WIP)?
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Thank you. It's a default setting for the work as I often circle back and finesse them, sometimes significantly and will often overhaul them later down the line. That, and most work is abandoned not finished. Most of the work I've posted here is usually between 80% and 90% there but a lot can happen in that remaining percentage
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holy shit! this is amazing!
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Wow, incredible gallery!
can i get an 11x17 print of this? This is friggin sweet!!!
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Yesssssss!!!!!!!! This is crazy! And aggressive wow so coooooool
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Sweet! Thanks for the link :)
Excellent! Darkseid approves!
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so fuckin epic!
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Awesome, great work =D
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Fantastic work.
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The only guy who can wear a dress and still look like a badass.
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This is great - love the detail!
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Awesome as always!
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"Beating the Man of Steel is not going to be an easy task.  It is going to require tactical percision which is above your abilities, Kalibak.  I do not tolerate failure twice.  Remember that." - Darkseid

Next to Doctor Doom, perhaps one of the coolest of the villains out there.  :)
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in what way is this a WIP? it's amazing
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This is absolutely fantastic! 
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Execellent artwork! Clap  He looks badass as already he is. I salute you! 
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