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Conan the Cimmerian

By Crom! My exclusive variant with Comic Kingdom of Canada for Cimmerian: Iron Shadows in the Moon #1. That grumpy old bastard is a blast to draw hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it come to life
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Your piece got my attention and at first sight I must say that it is impressive! I checked out your gallery and I must say that I really love your style. About this particular piece... where to start. The idea is amazing and the work really gives out some impression of how realistic it is. I think his hand is very well done and which moves us to background. The power surges coming out of the skull and his right are nice addition to the whole picture. As far as details, I love them. It is visible that you put a lot of work into this and the only thing I can say is that is outstanding.

I think that would be all from me. Let me say once more that this is amazing piece of work that completely fit my mood and I hope to see more amazing artworks from you! Well done.

Have a nice day! :hug:

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Can you do a similar one with Jane Potter (Tarzan)?

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Reminds me of SSOC cover 84. Looks tight!

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The Darksome Demon of Rabba Than! A big thanks for that. Any fan association with SSOC is a good asociation for me

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Conan channeling his inner Tarzan. (Both of whom were drawn for Marvel by Big John Buscema)

Awesome job as usual Mr. Knack.:D

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Thank you! Any time Big John is mentioned you have my attention

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