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WIP of Hank Pym being awesomely Hank Pym. Inspired by the XM Studios fresh take on the original so threw something together
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I thought it was impossible to make this suit look good in a live-action fashion but you did it you SOG
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Your artworks are amazing!
I just watched the movie! It was good but no awesome
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Pym! My fave version of Antman :)
nojutsunojutsu's avatar
wow that's beautiful :), can't wait for the movie
Midway2009's avatar
That is incredible! :omg::jawdrop:
Nice, how long did this take?
SuperBillyJilly's avatar
Dang! Ant man is finally getting some love!  Very excellent composition, dude.  I can't even find any constructive criticism for this.  I like the layering, placement, and natural colors you used for this piece.  Very very good.#1 
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That's still a WIP? But it already looks so awesome @.@
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Did you sign your soul to the devil to get this good??? I mean DAMN
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Wow, an awsome painting!
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Yay! It's always good to see some love to Ant-man. It'd be great to see the Wasp too ;)
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Wow astonishing! It's like a teaser for the movie to come ^^
HavardGlenne's avatar
Awesome as always!
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