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Final embrace - complete by Unbalanced7 Final embrace - complete :iconunbalanced7:Unbalanced7 4 1 Final embrace - 2nd stage by Unbalanced7 Final embrace - 2nd stage :iconunbalanced7:Unbalanced7 1 0 Final embrace 2 by Unbalanced7 Final embrace 2 :iconunbalanced7:Unbalanced7 0 0 Final embrace by Unbalanced7 Final embrace :iconunbalanced7:Unbalanced7 2 0
Your part in society
I don't know who you are.
I don't know where you're from.
I don't know why you're here.
But I do know one thing about you,
And that is that you're a special person.
As we all are.
In our own unique way.
Not just a piece of a puzzle,
Not just a brick in a wall.
A very significant piece of the puzzle,
A very important brick in the wall.
One without which,
A successful completion wouldn't be possible.
And this puzzle we're making,
This wall we're building,
Is an exceptional structure,
And this structure I speak of,
Is known to us as society.
A complex compilation of individuals,
Categorized into a single group,
Now you know your part,
Your place in this hectic construction,
Do what you're here for,
:iconunbalanced7:Unbalanced7 0 0
Wish upon a star
Star light, star bright,
the first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
have the wish I wish tonight.
I wish for you,
my love, my dear,
I wish to have you,
not far, but near.
I wish to have you,
leaning on me,
wrapped in my arms,
as warm as can be.
I wish for you,
to feel the love,
the love I give,
when push comes to shove.
And last of all,
I wish this wish works,
because I love you so much,
that sometimes it hurts.
:iconunbalanced7:Unbalanced7 0 0
Wake up, I love you
Sorry if I roused you,
from your sleep,
but a promise I'm making,
and a promise I'll keep.
I love you now,
and that love is true,
and I promise to retain,
that love for you.
That's all I've got to say,
but it just couldn't wait,
now go back to sleep,
it really is quite late.
:iconunbalanced7:Unbalanced7 1 0
Understanding came too late
An unwritten letter made its way to my doorstep,
A crisp white envelope filled with pages of writing,
In sharp, black ink it said all that you'd been trying to,
And for the first time, I listened.
I learnt about your troubles,
I acknowledged your pains,
I felt your worries,
And I struggled to comprehend.
A life of hurt lived unseen,
A life of suffering lived unnoticed,
Yet this life didn't go unfelt,
Though it went unrecognized we all felt it.
How did we ignore it, even if unintentional,
Why didn't we simply befriend you,
All you simply needed were some friends,
But we lived, oblivious to your pleas.
You were fighting the tide of depression,
Yet, no matter what, you just drifted,
Further and further away from us,
Closer and closer to the end of the world.
And finally, your tired and weary body arrived,
Arrived at a place where departure is imminent,
You were so exhausted, so fatigued from your fighting,
You couldn't even utter a goodbye.
I know it's too late,
I understand that,
And I a
:iconunbalanced7:Unbalanced7 0 0
Trying, struggling, failing.
Every night I think,
like the night before,
I try to forget,
I try to ignore,
these feelings I have for you.
Every night I try,
like the night before,
I struggle to forget,
I struggle to ignore,
these feelings I have for you.
Every night I struggle,
like the night before,
I fail to forget,
I fail to ignore,
these feelings I have for you.
I'm sick of trying,
I'm sick of struggling,
I'm sick of failing.
Goodnight my dear, may you find happiness where I could not.
:iconunbalanced7:Unbalanced7 0 0
Too little, too late
Is there a reason why you run when I say hello?
Is there a reason why the only reply is my echo?
As I lay here alone and stare at the stars,
I wonder why I'm lonely, I wonder why it's dark.
The lights that usually shine down have all broken;
the restful rage inside me has suddenly awoken.
You may not feel the pain I inflict, you may not know its there,
while I suffer the torture, while I continue with my blank stare.
Don't try to help, it's too late to say sorry,
don't trouble yourself with me, forget about it, don't worry.
People start listening when for the last time I say goodbye,
and though it's too late, for the first time, its not my echo that says hi.
:iconunbalanced7:Unbalanced7 0 0
The truth
The flame extinguished,
But by what?
The tears of heartbroken souls,
The tears of depressed spirits.
What once was a roaring fire,
Has now been reduced to a strand of smoke,
Spiralling skyward,
In a display of anguish,
A display of heartfelt torture,
A display to say goodbye.
A teary farewell follows,
And the witnesses go on,
Returning to their chores,
The burdens that life besets upon them,
The problems that cannot be avoided,
The challenges that always seem too hard,
And one wise mind realises.
Those heartbroken souls,
Those depressed spirits,
They are the causes of the pain,
Yet are also the result.
What is one to do in such a conundrum,
A reoccurring cycle which cannot be stopped,
A spiral of sadness and depression,
Which in turn leads to anger and hate.
The truth?
There is no answer.
There is no cure.
There are no miracles.
:iconunbalanced7:Unbalanced7 0 0
Struggled to maintain
How lame,
It's all the same,
Alone we'll remain,
Emotionless and plain,
Dulling the pain,
Briefly, temporarily, sane,
Then down like rain,
Comes the feeling of shame,
No need to strain,
Just refrain,
From being in front of that train,
When it comes to drain,
The life you struggled to maintain.
:iconunbalanced7:Unbalanced7 0 0
The language of love
I'd just like to erase all this and start again,
Make sure this time, my decisions are the ones I truly want,
Making sure that the left turns are made right,
Because I don't want to see this opportunity go by again.
No more lying to myself, no more lying to you,
No more of my games and no more of my jokes,
I just want to make sure that I don't lose you,
I don't want to have to say goodbye, not again, not ever.
I'm not sure that you understand, I don't know if I do,
But all that's important right now is that I make this choice,
No stuttering, no hesitation, I'm dedicating myself to this decision,
This decision made right now, right here.
Its taken me so long to say it, but what I did was a mistake,
I now know that I shouldn't have turned my back,
I now know I shouldn't have said goodbye and walked the other way,
My heart says I was wrong, and  my heart knows you were right.
I'm a new man, but you're still the girl I loved,
And I know you always will be that girl,
That love wil
:iconunbalanced7:Unbalanced7 0 1
May you be the one
May the sky above fade away,
and may the heavens witness your tears.
May the world of old throw you away,
along with all your fears.
May you be embraced by a new land,
a land of peace and fun.
May you tighten your grasp upon my hand,
and may we make this journey as one.
May you give me an answer right here and now,
may you give me an answer please.
May you give an answer someway, somehow,
don't let my cold heart freeze.
May you be the fire that warms me,
may you be the one to care.
May you satisfy the feeling that swarms me,
may you be the one who's there.
:iconunbalanced7:Unbalanced7 1 0
The depth of love
Love takes many sweet forms,
an innocent girl or a kind boy,
but this is a simple masquerade,
behind the illusion lays something coy.
Its important you don't underestimate the depth of love,
the hole you can fall down when dropped from high above.
The spiraling fall will just go on and on as if it'll never end,
and hitting the ground is something upon which you can't depend.
People often plummet forever,
into an oblivion of non-existence.
Why'd you have to fall so far?
Why'd you plunge such a distance?
Love is not something to be played with, something to be chanced.
Love is not something to meddle with idly, with which to be danced.
If you truly feel love then make sure its true,
before you dedicate yourself to something false,
and find yourself forever falling with no idea what into.
:iconunbalanced7:Unbalanced7 0 0
Tell me why
I have trouble defining dreams from reality…
Acknowledge me,
Love me,
Kiss me,
And prove to me this is a dream.
My life is a life of hatred and negligence.
What reason is there to live if life is no better than death?
Even if my soul was to become property of the devil,
An eternity of pain and suffering.
Surely it would be better than life as it is.
My death will cause no pain,
No suffering,
No despair or depression.
The words,
And Bliss,
Have lost all meaning.
And now every second ticks by oh so slow,
Torturing me,
Making every unbearable hour,
Even longer.
Now, tell me why my life shouldn't end.
Tell me why…
:iconunbalanced7:Unbalanced7 0 0


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Adam Serotzki
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
I'm a laid back guy just trying to have some fun with life. I don't take life, or the inevitable dramas that ensue, too seriously. I just go with the flow and ride the tide of the day in, day out monotony... But sometimes. I get a niggle. I get a tickle. I get an incessant itch.

Live. Love. Laugh.
If there's nothing to live for.
If there's nobody to love.
If there's nothing to laugh about.
... Imagine.


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