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Name:  Locrian Wolfe
Age:  ???
Gender:  Female
Height:  5'8"
Weight:  110 lbs
Alignment:  Neutral Evil
*This is Locrian, only designed better.
*She has a longsword.
*Locrian is the queen of Tidespeak.
*Tidespeak flag:
*Quick little map of the general area:
*Xanthh is one of her sons:
*Lucius is also one of her sons:
*Locrian's name was derived from music theory.
*Locrian has a few tittles.  A few of these include: The Rogue Queen; Shadowdancer; Winter Warlord; Snow Tyrant
*She wasn't always evil.
*That bony appendage of hers is controlled by magic rather than muscle, so it could potentially be turned against her.
*Locrian needs magic to live.
-add more description later-
History:  To summarize this shortly, Locrian was once just an adolescent girl, grown and raised in the woods.  Raised by the overseers of the forest rather than her own blood, she's spent her life fulfilling the duties of an overseer until one day, that urge for adventure and to see the world was too strong to resist.  The leader of this pack knew about this and agreed to allow her adopted daughter, "ShadowDancer" to leave.  (ShadowDancer was the name given to her before she found out her real name later on.)  Unbenknownst to her, one of her overseer brethren was sent to keep an eye on her.  This turned out to be a good thing, because she almost immediately gets herself into trouble.

After her brother set up a diversion for this trouble to chase after him rather than her, they become split apart.  ShadowDancer, afraid for her life, ran and ran until her legs gave out.  Spending her whole life in a fleet, that took some time, but the blizzard rolling in helped to put an end to that.  Scared, exhausted, cold, and lost, she eventually comes into view of an old, lone wizard's tower just before she collapses.  Fortunately, or unfortunately for her, there was someone near that tower who was witness to this.  This person turned out to be a powerful lich affiliated with an infamous cult.  Regardless, he retrieved ShadowDancer and took her in.

The lich's interested were in recruiting a new acolyte for his cult.  Shadowdancer refused, but once she told him her desires, they part ways with the lich giving her a compass which would point her back his way should she ever change her mind.  It didn't take long for that to happen.  She was wary of the lich at first, but by having a terrible first experience viewing the world, and with more being added onto that, she came back with a new goal.  The lich promised many things in joining this cult, and with them, Shadowdancer joined to one day right all the wrongs in this world.

Over the years training under, working for, and carrying out extremely important and deadly tasks, she's risen through the ranks, learned of her true nature and past, and gained powerful items, alliances, and a reputation.  However, with her experience, she's witnesses more faults in the world.  With every new evil she finds, her reactions, and ways of dealing with it became stricter and harsh.  As her methods of ridding these evils became brutal and cruel, she has become the very evil she sought out to destroy.

Even now, as she commits the horrible atrocities she's been known to commit, she believes that in some way, it will all be for the greater good.  Genocide, public punishment, and fury may in some way be in the name of the greater good, though her more personal affairs, she has come to realize aren't so...  "good natured".  At some times, though it's rare, she realizes what she's doing, and may even admit some doubt.  All other times, she pushes it to the back of her mind and tries to focus on her achieved empire and in which way best to move it all in.  (There is so much more to this story, I just told it in a quick way for you to get the general idea.)
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