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Prepare for an influx of Little Red Riding Hood favorites! I'm thinking of making a Red Riding Hood cloak and figuring out how to morph her dress into a ball gown for my dance group's Wienerabend performance in November. We've started doing a running story throughout our ballroom performance. Last year it was a murder mystery, "a dark and story night at the castle," and this year we're doing mixed up fairy tales. The story will go something like this: the evil queen isn't invited to the ball so she curses all of us dancers and turns us into random fairy tale characters. In order to change back, we have to each find our corresponding items. So for example, Cinderella needs to find her slipper, Dorothy needs to find Toto, Tin Man needs his heart, and others we need to finalize. We'll have Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Robin Hood, and myself as Little Red Riding Hood. Making the cloak seems like it wouldn't be too bad, and I've found a few patterns for possible dresses on Etsy. I've been looking at illustrations on deviantART and elsewhere to get some color and fabric ideas, and I'm going to research the original story and its many versions to get some more ideas for the character. I'm really looking forward to making something! I've never made anything of this scale before, and I'm excited to get going on my sewing machine again.

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Little red riding hood by nkabuto  Little Red Riding Hood II - The Encounter by iNeedChemicalX <da:thumb id="265132933"/>  red riding hood 1 by jeiko-chan
Little Red Riding Hood -COLOR- by JerryCai   Little Red Riding Hood by Jane-Boltrushko  red riding hood by moonywolf  Red All Night by girltripped  Enchanted Red Riding Hood by Marina-B
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August 16, 2014


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