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I'm from the future and know what you'll ask me. by RandomVanGloboii, literature

Poptober 2021 (Writing Version) - Week 4 by TheDCH, literature

Poptober 2021 (Writing Version) - Week 2 by TheDCH, literature

If you make NFTs or even condoning, I will not be your friend, and I want you to get lost.

Poptober 2021 (Writing Version) - Week 5 + Day 31 by TheDCH, literature

The long wait (OPEN IT TO VIEW IT CORRECTLY) by RandomVanGloboii, literature

How to befriend dragons by RandomVanGloboii, literature

Deviation Spotlight

Silex Alanegra - Idea: Tamoanchan by UMSAuthorLava, visual art

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Favourite genre of music: Video game music
Favourite style of art: anime-esque
Shell of choice: Spiny Shell
Skin of choice: The kind with white fur
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Video games, Pokémon, JoJo, dragons, anthros, humor...
-= DONKEY KONG =- (Good buff) - Neutral Attack (2): More active time. Faster recovery time. - Down Tilt Attack: More hitstun. - Neutral Special (Giant Punch): Super armor begins sooner. -= LINK =- (Good buff) - Neutral Attack (1): Faster startup time. - Down Tilt Attack: Adjusted launch angle. - Up Smash: More launch distance (final hit). -= PEACH/DAISY =- (Decent buff) - Side Special (Peach Bomber/Daisy Bomber): Easier to grab edges. -= ICE CLIMBERS =- (Good buff) - Dash Attack: Faster startup time. - Down Smash: More launch distance. - Up Special (Belay): Faster startup time. Can grab edges sooner. -= FALCO =- - Dash Attack: More power (maintained launch distance). - Side Smash: More attack range in front. -= MEWTWO =- (Good buff) - Side Tilt Attack: More power and launch distance. - Forward Throw: More power. -= META KNIGHT =- (Great buff) - Forward Air Attack: More power. - Back Air Attack: More power. - Up Smash: More attack range. Second hit won't make opponents fall
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-= ALL FIGHTERS =- - Everyone will fall down in place due to Kazuya's side special can't be stepped on when jumping. -= JIGGLYPUFF =- (+5 buffs) - Neutral Attack (pt2): Faster recovery time. - Back Air Attack: Faster recovery time and landing lag. - Down Throw: Less launch distance. Faster recovery time. -= DR. MARIO =- (+5 buffs) - Neutral Air Attack: More launch distance at sweetspot. - Up Air Attack: More damage (with similar launch distance). - Down Air Attack: Faster startup time. - Side Special (Super Sheet): More active time. - Down Special (Dr. Tornado): Super armor starts sooner when started on ground. -= ZELDA =- (+5 buffs) - Neutral Attack (pt1): Faster recovery time. - Flurry Attack: More damage. - Up Smash: More launch distance. - Down Smash: More launch distance. - Down Air Attack: Bigger sweetspot range. -= LUCARIO =- (+4 buffs) - Side Tilt Attack: More launch distance on second hit. - Down Tilt Attack: Faster startup time. - Dash Attack: More active time for sweet
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-= SORA Is Finally Here! =- - The hero of the Keyblade has finally joined Smash, after so many requests in For's old Fighter Ballot! - Costumes: P1: Kingdom Hearts P2: Kingdom Hearts II P3: Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance P4: Kingdom Hearts III P5: Timeless River P6: Valor Form (KHII) P7: Wisdom Form (KHII) P8: Ultimate Form (KHIII) - Sora is a lightweight fighter with a leaning toward aerial combat and some zoning skills. - Neutral Attack: 3-hit combo. Quick, but low in damage. - Side Tilt Attack: 3-hit combo. A bit slower but stronger. - Up Tilt Attack: Spins Keyblade upward. Good as an anti-air. - Down Tilt Attack: Low slash. - Dash Attack: Sliding Dash, a sliding kick that goes low. - Neutral Air Attack: 3-hit combo that sweeps around himself, giving good space coverage. - Forward Air Attack: 3-hit combo with an emphasis on forward movement. - Back Air Attack: Back slash with good launch power. - Up Air Attack: Backflip slash. - Down Air Attack: Hurricane Blast, a spinning
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thx for the llama

thanks for the badge

Thank you for the favorite! <3

hello, i am making an original pokedex fic (basically i expand the entries from a few sentences to a few paragraphs) and i would really like to use your fakemon. is that ok? i would credit you

thanks for the badge!

Thank you for the llama. After all, I like your OC's.