... and it didn't go well...
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timing is everything in life, I guess.
my life is one of perfectly wrong timing ALWAYS.
I've found my perfect house in the woods. The married couple who seemed interested in buying my city house kept me on the edge for all this time, but asked for a second visit, went twice, three time to check their situation at their bank office...
Yesterday I've signed few documents for my mountain home. and yesterday evening, this couple told me they don't feel ready to buy a flat. they prefer to pay rent and stay where they are.

the good news?
in a couple of week I'll have to spend from 30 to 40 days at the hospital. it's so far from my hometown, from the family that didn't help me in anything but feeling worse, from the job I'm hating, in a place where it will be difficult to have internet and to receive phonecalls, that I'm feel a little bit relieved.

when I'll be back, I'll resume my life and will try to go on.

thank you everybody. really. :hug:
send big hugs to everyone, will be back on february!!
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Better luck next time on the home and a speedy recovery.
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AnasthasiaWorkshop Artisan Crafter
Heart Heart Hug Hug Hug Heart Heart 
sending you all my best wishes, love and hugs!!!! 
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Tieni duro!... : 1
Ti mando un grande abbraccio anch'io.
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Povera tatins :(
Ti mando i miei abbracci sofficiosi e tati. Per quanto possa servire, sappi che ti voglio bene
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accie :)
andrà tutto bene, vedrai!
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:* bacins tatins
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Best of luck! So sorry so many hings are a let down at the moment for you.
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