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that's what happens while I'm...

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...being alone at home, sick and tired, with a pen for temporary tats.
why bothering a doll, when I could give a try on myself? XD

nope, seriously.
how could it be something like that, but in henna tones (imagining a warm brown, with some accents of gold here and there) on this ugly foot on mine (or better on both feet, mirroring themselves)?

plz, I'd love some opinions and shared experiences and advices - does it hurt more than piercings, a tat on a foot? how long for healing? is autumn/winter ok for it? does a real tattoo allow more details than this crappy pen?
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Does a foot tattoo hurt = Yes well all tattoos are gonna hurt so do feet hurt more than normal tattoo's? Not at first but your lemon face will come out after the first hour, its more of a stinging sensation than a straight up pain. Healing time is all on you if you take care of it good , ointment as directed by your tattooist and bandage it (tape and a papertowel) while you're wearing shoes for the first couple of days it should heal nicely and look better in the long run. Fall-Winter are awesome times to get tattoos because direct sunlight and swimming (a new tattoos worst enemies) aren't issues during the colder months. You'd think flip-flops or scandals might be good for a healing tattoo but not so much if your outside a lot, dirt and other stuff in direct exposure to a healing tattoo isn't ideal, but walking around your house with your shoes off to let the tattoo breath is good because your in a controlled environment and you can control what your tattoo will be exposed as far as dirt and dust etc.

I do have both of my feet tattooed and am speaking from experience on this one not just trying to sound like a know it all.

Lastly I don't have any experience with this tattoo pen but as far as tools open for a tattooist, lining needles can come in a variety of sizes where the usual tattoo would be lined with a 5 needle group, but companies do make sizes in 3's and 1's (tattoo needles are small clusters of needles so a 5 liner means there's literally 5 needles to form that point so a 1 is only 1 needle and will produce a tiny tiny line). This was a tattoo i did with a 5 for a liner and it's still a pretty small line:…
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thank you so much for all the tips and tricks!

lately I've redesigned the tat, according to a safer planning for the foot anatomy I hope, and saturday morning I'll be visiting the last of 4 tat artists. last but I guess the best, because I was searching for someone able to do dotworks, and it looks like in my city this tecnique isn't this wide spread yet.

I've kind of understood that I'd better to get the tat during the x-mas holidays, so to have 10-15 days free to take the best care of it, like I did with all my piercings.
I guess I'll have to try to have an idea of the actual pain. looks like I'm not feeling it as much as the average person does, so... well. we'll see :meow:

I'm quite thrilled *____*

thank you again!! :hug: :hug:
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bridgetbrightHobbyist Photographer
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thank you! :giggle: :hug:
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Very nice tattoo! :) (Smile)
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I hope to improve it a lot working on paper. this is some kind of temporary mock-up :meow:
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davvero una forza questo disegno! e bel piedino!!
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ehm... grazie :blushes: in realtà io il tatuaggio lo vorrei perchè non lo trovo così bello -.- comunque grazie ^^
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e cosa avrebbe che non va? io lo trovo così bello! e certamente col tatuaggio lo sarà ancor di più!
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accie :meow: io ci vedo un sacco di difetti XD per ora provero tatuaggi temporanei, poi con l'anno nuovo vedremo per quello definitivo. :love:
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ad ogni commento lo vedo e lo rivedo e faccio davvero fatica a trovarli... secondo me è tanto bello che dopo un po' di temporanei ti convincerai anche tu che è stupendo! ;)
naturalmente aspetto la pubblicazione dei prossimi tentativi!!! :)
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uno domani XD fatto da poco, ma è troppo tardi per qualunque foto. sentiamo cosa dice la tatuatrice martedì.....
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Sembrerebbe bello, ma l'hennè diventa del colore della bagna cauda. Sfrega bene l'aglio!

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