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Availability Heuristic

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This effect appear when more available information influences on decisions: it may be something more easily remembered or just recent. And other information and alternative solutions may not be considered in this case.

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1. CT: You're hiding information!

TS:  I have no reason to.  I repeat, there is no quick way to become an alicorn.

2.  CT: (nc)

D: Hi everypony!  Look, if there was a method, it would have been found long ago.

CT: (nc)

3-4 (nc)
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Thank you, I updated it.
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Haven't seen one of these in a while. :)

Apparently, in Equestria, barrels can walk. =P
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You know, magic... ^^ Or they just have legs.
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Need the right Pony, the right conditions & the right time to become an Alicorn.
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Even if it isn't easy, it SHOULD be made very easy - we're talking phenomenal cosmic power and immortality. It should be made available to all so to elevate as many ponies as possible from the ravages of suffering, old age and death. 

Of course, if requirements of Alicornhood involves achieving a level of harmony/friendship-magic based enlightenment, it's all the more incentive for the common pony to do good and be good...
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I agree, it should be made available for all ponies, just because of immortality, besides other advantages. But it looks like a pony needs to have certain requirements for the ascension.
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I disagree.

I would call immortality a curse since in an eternity, you would be exposed to all kinds of suffering and no kind of futuristic technological advances will be able to protect you from the unknown - thus, you will be compelled to eternal misery due to the absence of the ability to die.

I would think that the power to choose your death would be more practical.
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I'm not sure, that full immortality can be easily archived. So I think of immortality as a life without aging. Maybe with some fast healing or regeneration abilities. And if an immortal will be too careless, he would die still.
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