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So, as the title says, I believe my art is at a level where I can now take requests from some of my watchers. I am willing to draw OCs doing something or just your OC, Mane 6 art, Mane 6 with OC, etc. Basically whatever you want. 

The rules are simple.

1) If you want me to draw your OC, you must give me some kind of a reference image. You can use the Pony Maker, you can send me an art piece of your OC, or whatever. I just need to know what I am drawing before I can draw it.

2) If you want to request something, either comment on this or send me a note. Note is preferable; I can keep track of requests better that way.

3) (This only applies to my summer requests.) During the summer, I don't have access to a Cintiq tablet. Thus, it will not be really good-looking electronic art, but much simpler scanned-in traditional art. Whenever I can use the tablets again, I may redo the requests. 

4) Nothing sexually NSFW. Slightly suggestive, sure, but nothing sexually NSFW. I will, however, do my best at light gore. Light being the key word.

5)I reserve the right to say no. If I say no, it means no. If I tell you no, you must stop asking, or come back with a different request.

6)I am not drawing anything that would be a copy of another person's art. That is copying, and I will not do that. Ever. 

7) I am only taking three requests at a time. Once those spots fill up, you're out of luck. You must wait until another spot opens up. Anymore than three requests at a time, and I will be bogged down with art. 

Those are the rules. Now that you know them, have fun! I am waiting with my pencil ready. :)
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still an opening or no? :P