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the gentlemen from Buffy
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Aug 16, 2005, 2:51:09 PM
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Best Buffy episode of all time. Amazing piece and very delightful take on the creepy gentlemen. 
bookshop's avatar
omg i love this! "Hush" is probably my favorite ep of Buffy and this is great. I'm hoping to use this piece in an article i'm writing on joss, if that's okay with you! i'd cite you as the artist with a link back to this post. if that's not okay, please let me know! Thank you! :) - Aja / [link]
garrett-btm's avatar
dude, I hate buffy, but i love the gentlemen. fan-damn-tastic job
SophieThereseMiller's avatar
These guys creep me out..Awsome pic
raivin's avatar
LOOOOVE this! I want a huge one in my living room
ChadKrenrick's avatar
Love The Gentlemen. Very cool.
miketm's avatar
lol Darn I got excited for a second and thought it was from Dark City. Great work though
oneblacksheep's avatar
They're very creepy yet cute. lol
taylorsgotstyle's avatar
haha so very creepy (x
KiCkASs-ReDmISt20511's avatar
have been a fan since i discover your work chris your inspired me when other discouraged me and my parents did to your art inspired me to keep progressing in my art and now i am going to college to scad my parent thought it was a waste of time but because of your art it inspired me to keep going thank u chris uming for the insparation
Drooski2's avatar
i dig this one...those dudes gave me nightmares, their creep factor is off the charts, nice work
shashuko's avatar
love the way you interpreted these guys :)
werewolfsfan's avatar
Fantastic! Here via this rec:
MademoiselleMischief's avatar
Oh these dudes CREEP me out! Its their smiles! EEEEP! You drew them wonderfully though!
Oh, the cutie-pies! I love their debonair eyebrows.
sentunderscore's avatar
this is the raddest
episode of buffy
June-Unalia's avatar
Maybe the scariest episode of BTVS.
That painting is amazing. Congrats.
DoctorInk's avatar
These guys still give me the creeps. Guess that's the idea though. ^_^

Really nice, creepy work!

Evymonster9406's avatar
o...m....f......g <3 your art ive seen is fucking win, and this episode was fucking win xD
by far my was funny when their head exploded..xD
MandaOwl's avatar
wow. Amazing work! They were the creepiest things ever in the whole series. And I like your coloring, it reminds me a bit of Clive Barker's surreal paintings in "Abarat".
EyesUnfocused's avatar
Those guys always creeped me out. Lol.
Love this though. Great job!
indirox's avatar
I didn't think it was possible to make the gentlemen creepier than they were during the episode. You seem to have done the impossible. Don't take that the wrong way, it's very well done... just creepy...
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