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Kisekae - Valentine's Day by UmiMikoDesu Kisekae - Valentine's Day :iconumimikodesu:UmiMikoDesu 11 7 Kisekae - Akane's Daring Escape Act (RP-able) by UmiMikoDesu Kisekae - Akane's Daring Escape Act (RP-able) :iconumimikodesu:UmiMikoDesu 15 45 Kisekae - Yukino redesign by UmiMikoDesu Kisekae - Yukino redesign :iconumimikodesu:UmiMikoDesu 6 8
UW Story - The Sunken Treasure (Part 1)
The stories here are fan made and will contain fan-made stuff. The characters that appear would mostly be out of character and will have no relations to the main games whatsoever. It's a fanfiction after all, so you can expect some out-of-character and out-of-universe moments here and there.
It was a warm morning. The skies were clear and animals were merrily making their respective noises to signal the start of a morning. Here we see a girl walking out of her house to greet the morning air.
"Haaaaahhh... Another day, another boring routine it seems..."
The black-haired girl clad in red shrine maiden outfit known as Reimu let out a deep sigh as she went to sweep the shrine grounds like she always does everyday. She has to keep the shrine clean so people would come to her shrine to pay respects to the shrine's gods and to give the shrine some donations, yet people just don't come to her shrine at all. It's been weeks since her last visitor and they forgot to leave donations f
:iconumimikodesu:UmiMikoDesu 5 7
Kisekae - Hannah's Underwater Acts and Costumes by UmiMikoDesu Kisekae - Hannah's Underwater Acts and Costumes :iconumimikodesu:UmiMikoDesu 16 184 Kisekae - Hannah Orstead (Updated model) by UmiMikoDesu Kisekae - Hannah Orstead (Updated model) :iconumimikodesu:UmiMikoDesu 7 5 Kisekae - Kelly the Fairy Maid by UmiMikoDesu Kisekae - Kelly the Fairy Maid :iconumimikodesu:UmiMikoDesu 3 2 Fanart - We are such Useless Girls! We love it! by UmiMikoDesu Fanart - We are such Useless Girls! We love it! :iconumimikodesu:UmiMikoDesu 9 2 Kisekae - Aoi's Capture (RP-able) by UmiMikoDesu Kisekae - Aoi's Capture (RP-able) :iconumimikodesu:UmiMikoDesu 20 9 MSA Shitpost Ad part 2 by UmiMikoDesu MSA Shitpost Ad part 2 :iconumimikodesu:UmiMikoDesu 1 2 Kisekae - Underwater Room Showcase (RP-able) by UmiMikoDesu Kisekae - Underwater Room Showcase (RP-able) :iconumimikodesu:UmiMikoDesu 11 10 MSA Shitpost Ad by UmiMikoDesu MSA Shitpost Ad :iconumimikodesu:UmiMikoDesu 3 4 Adopted OC Redraw by UmiMikoDesu Adopted OC Redraw :iconumimikodesu:UmiMikoDesu 4 3 Original - Kunoichi Water Torture by UmiMikoDesu Original - Kunoichi Water Torture :iconumimikodesu:UmiMikoDesu 15 5 Original - Underwater Predicament by UmiMikoDesu
Mature content
Original - Underwater Predicament :iconumimikodesu:UmiMikoDesu 19 13
Fanart - Caroline Underwater Photoshoot by UmiMikoDesu Fanart - Caroline Underwater Photoshoot :iconumimikodesu:UmiMikoDesu 15 8


Update on Requests and Commissions
It's finally here!
After roughly 2 years of drawing, and a dozen sketch requests completed, I've finally managed to assess my abilities as an artists, and capabilities as a person, and compile a basic, but solid set of rules regarding the accepting of requests AND commissions.
UPDATE: Requests for February are now closed. Also, I may limit the window for taking requests to the first of the given month. If only to prevent potential traffic.
UPDATE(2): Restrictions on the TYPE of request. Obscure fetishes are off the table. Apologies for the inconvenience.

First and foremost, I will accept only 1 request per month.
That is to say, if I am not working on a request already, and the other requirements are met (see below), then I will most likely accept it; first come, first serve. (Also, 1 character per request.)
Secondly, when sending the request (via Note), please specify the following:
Black & white OR colorWith OR without shadingShou
:iconendlesstsubaki:EndlessTsubaki 1 1
Metal Slug Attack Sisilia Fanart by RickyGM8 Metal Slug Attack Sisilia Fanart :iconrickygm8:RickyGM8 10 7 CM: Reimu kidnapped by KaNoir CM: Reimu kidnapped :iconkanoir:KaNoir 43 0 Cement Shoes | Commission by javiermtz
Mature content
Cement Shoes | Commission :iconjaviermtz:javiermtz 105 7
Xoenzi by Regreme Xoenzi :iconregreme:Regreme 47 26
Fish bowl
I take a deep breath and take the plunge once again. But my element is not below me this time. It's from above. Enclosed. Contained. Concentrated. I close my eyes for, what felt like minutes, but only seconds, i hear my heart beating, my stomach churning, before my ears are flooded with natural noise isolation and ambiance. I dare not smell, for i will inhale my ecstasy, and fall abrupt fate to it. I dare not taste, for i will bite more than i can chew. I simply hold, for however long my body will let me.
I open my eyes. My submerged rose has thorns as they sting right in to them, forcing me to blink until they adjust to once more. My eyes have not met my love in some time, they have adjusted to everyday life, everyday air, every day boredom. I see colours all around but no visible shapes, i see light but no source, i see my reflection looming in front of me. Hair as dark as the night, short but flowing and resting in peace. Chocolate brown eyes, behind them telling a less innocent ima
:icondini-hoo:Dini-hoo 5 2
Crack Babies 18 ~ Sarah x Maidlyn by OnionFairy99 Crack Babies 18 ~ Sarah x Maidlyn :icononionfairy99:OnionFairy99 7 2 PC- Underwater by Peach110 PC- Underwater :iconpeach110:Peach110 18 5 (COM) A underwater adventure  by JasmineRobotnik (COM) A underwater adventure :iconjasminerobotnik:JasmineRobotnik 16 4 Yukino by InsidiousWaffles Yukino :iconinsidiouswaffles:InsidiousWaffles 9 2 YoumuNepLowell's Remakes! by GaygerTheLame YoumuNepLowell's Remakes! :icongaygerthelame:GaygerTheLame 16 2 Splashy Girls by Fire-Melon Splashy Girls :iconfire-melon:Fire-Melon 23 1 ~9 by uw28
Mature content
~9 :iconuw28:uw28 35 4
The Wrong Cave (UW peril, near-drowning)
It was – as always – a beautiful day at the Ralios Resort. The sun shone brightly across the beaches and sea, a gentle breeze being enough to keep the humidity from being stifling, the sunbeams dancing and bouncing off the surface of a sea that looked to clear and clean to even be real. It was still quite early in the day, with most of the girls still filling up on complimentary breakfast, but Annie and Mi'ara had wanted to get out early to avoid the rush. Their hired boat bobbed along the sea, with Annie at the helm, sailing them both to their destination.
It wasn't long before Annie killed the engine, looking around at the sea, the beach only a spot on the horizon now. “Hmm...this is where the guy said to go...” She walked to the edge of the boat, looking over the side, scanning for what she'd been led too – and smiled when she saw it, the faint outline of a cave entrance on the floor of the sea. “Okay, Mi'ara,” she called, “we're here,
:iconzombieshakespeare:ZombieShakespeare 8 4
Carolyn and Umbra, temple exploration by DrawntoOceans Carolyn and Umbra, temple exploration :icondrawntooceans:DrawntoOceans 31 8 Elaine by mauriado Elaine :iconmauriado:mauriado 23 2




UmiMikoDesu's Profile Picture

Animated picture made by :iconemily071:.


6 deviations
Kisekae - Valentine's Day
Just thought I'd make a quick Valentine's Day pic with Hikari dressed as a mermaid.
Kisekae - Akane's Daring Escape Act (RP-able)
Akane is performing a really daring escape act. Locked up inside a flooded tank that is barricaded with a table and some bricks, in which she is chained to the bottom of said tank while a weighted table prevents movements of her legs until she can get out of the chains, and that tank is inside of another larger tank. Accompanied by her friendassistant, Jamie, who will 'keep her company' throughout the entire time she will be performing the escape act(and by that, I mean she would stay underwater and would not come up until Akane has managed to escape), she will also be there to get Akane out in case anything unexpected happens.

...Why do I feel like they're missing something crucial here? Eh, doesn't matter.

Alternate ver. :

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