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Ao no Exorcist

By Umika-Sayoji
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всегда иди к цели..

Но не забывай смотреть на дорогу по которой ты идешь к этой цели.
Rin Okumura and Yukio Okumura.
~Ao no Exorcist.
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HeartDon't Ask Me Why, But I Still Think That Rin Okumura Is CuteHeart 

Clap Awesome Fanart BTW Clap 
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I love !!!!!!! *3*
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oo a eto ti risovala ???
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Amazing, wonderful, great! I can't think of words that would describe this to be honest.
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Incredible! You can draw really good!
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this is really good
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Wonderful artwork! Damn nice scenery and Rin's pose just kicks ass :D Could I use that as background for my desktop?
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Yes! Ao no Exorcist! I love it! :)

Your Picture is awesome! All these light effects!! Lovelyyy!!
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I really like your style n_n
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Really well done =)
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the soft lighting is really cool looking
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Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!! Why you grow up. :3
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Ao no exorcist is awesome, you did in diferent style.
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Какая работа со светом-то! :worship:
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Haha, that's the look I have on my face when I look at my katana. Bravo, well done! x
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Beautiful piece ^_^
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The lighting is really pretty 
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this is so awesome *-*
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