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K project Wallpaper 2 - Mikoto Suoh

le zomg.... so tired...

so here's my second wallpaper for mikoto using a much higher quality image to begin with (render came from [link])

I tried to do grunge-vector this time (the arrows kinda reminded me of the colourless king >_>) and thus it took me 4 times as long to try to put it together and it came out... meh

K Project and Mikoto Suoh don't belong to me~

PS: I really hate trying to create realistic-ish fire..... don't expect it again DX
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one of my fav character! :D
Hi! I saw this on google and I'm a huge mikoto fan and this is seriously so good!! I was wondering if I could some advice on how to create an image like this (with the fire and the background and yeah)?
Another question - do you know if there is a free good manga/anime creation software (other than atelier) that's in english?
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I basically picked up the skill set to make this entirely from signature tutorials for photoshop (many of which you can find on this very site!). This particular wallpaper was made using a lot of clipping masks, grungy looking brushes, smudge work, and the excessive use of the high pass filter. As for the fire, a combination of stock images layered ontop of each other and then some work adding light where it was needed gave the effect seen here. I can send you a more detailed note later :)
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hi, I just wanted to ask if I can use this wallpaper as a thumbnail for my AMV? of course you will me linked in the description :D
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Mikoto <33 owo hehe my new desktop background ^-^
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Cool :D Going to use this for my background ^^

Sorry for my english
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My new wallpaper!!*3* thanks!:3
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Glad you like it =)
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oh noes! im gonna fave another~!
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Well done ! Wallpaper are so difficult to do : <

But.. i'm agree with you ! I like Mikoto a lot too ! :troll:

( Your work is great <3)
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