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In an ocean that was thought to be well known, an entire island seemed to just appear out of nowhere one day. Tales from expedition parties tell of forests so dense that you can’t see the light of day, and trees as tall as mountains. Strange, almost magical plants and wildlife, remnants of buildings that appear centuries old, and soft echoes of a song carried by the wind. The rumors and stories surrounding this island are anything but ordinary, and there is still much to be discovered...

Fantasy | RP | Slice of Life | World Building | Semi-Casual | 16+
*The world of Umeojin takes some inspiration from Rune Factory and Harvest Moon, but knowledge of either game is not required.*

The goal of this group is to make friends, share ideas and just to relax and have fun. The residents of Umeojin will have to work together to progress deeper into the island, uncovering secrets about the island as they go. Updates and events will be held regularly to keep things interesting. Collaboration is encouraged, and members will have opportunities to contribute their own ideas and designs to the group. Be sure to read all the main journals if you're interested.

▸Reservations: Open!
▸App Checks: TBA
▸Join Requests: Spring 2022

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! NEWS !

Welcome to Umeojin Island

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Currently working on...
▸Island Mysteries (plot progression)







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howdyyy, is this group planning another opening soon? ( former member that was hoping to rejoin whenever possible!! ) 
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Hi there! We just finished up with our spring opening, the next one should be sometime in fall, possibly around September? Happy to hear you'd like to join again : D
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sweet sweet! thanks for getting back to me c:
I'll for sure be at fall opening
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