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The Orange Monarch

Wallpaper: Desktopography
Visual Style: AXONKOLOR UAC Marine
Foobar: From the GSM Suite.
RKLauncher: Blacream devillock.
IconPackager: "TAKMEK for core.range"; "iVista"
Miranda: AXONKOLOR UAC Marine (Colors mod)
Desktop/My Computer drive-icons: Crème package, seeklabs's Khimra WI pack, these icons, and misc ones from here, too.
TClock font: InfraRed (from
Not shown: OSX mouse cursors, Firefox2 (iPox theme), with Startpage mod from pepijnnuland.
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© 2007 - 2021 umei
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+50 points for autumn to ashes. +50 points for still being noteworthy in 2012.
Mustie's avatar
very neat desktop, !
umei's avatar
Thanks so much! :aww:
cal45's avatar
Smart desktop umei. :]
umei's avatar
Thanks a lot. ^_^
Genoc1de's avatar
nevermind, i got it working.
Genoc1de's avatar
im in love with this, and i keep reading al over and still cant firgure out a way to get this at all, can you like message me, or hit me up on AIM or something to help me?
please i LOVE this style so badly
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If you still need help, let me know. ^^
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You got some nice shots, but PLEASE - Turn on Cleartype!
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Cleartype shows up funny on my computer. :( It blurs all of my stuff.
arcticTransfuse's avatar
Ahh... =
That sucks. Nice shot though. =)
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Yeah, it does lol. And for some reason I've lost my Terminal font, so I can't even use that. o.o; It just goes to Arial. v.v;; I have to get a new comp.

Thanks for the compliments.<3
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cool shot.
love those desktop icons. :)
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Haha thank you. :D
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