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The Temple


I drew this to Digger - Church of Ra!

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man you just get better and better
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Ahh. Love the pic, and the song. We should share songs with each other again at some point. That's always fun to do. c:
I love love love your art, man. I don't think you even know. What you can do in Paint is rad (what i think this one was made with?). This one has a really solid form to it, i think, and the cool color palette is awesome.
Gonna get you to a rave one day, too, just you wait.
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aaah sweetpea!! i had to mention the song because its literally the only reason i drew this lol, also yes omfg i love your taste in music we need to have a basement dance party!
and yeah this was totally paint its the only thing i still know how to use X3
im dragging you along with me >:D