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Tag is my character, he fixes antiques and hoards old things because he can.
i love him lots and have had him since around grade 5 ish?
i guess hes around 145 lbs 5"7 and a half, and 76 years old.
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I really like this guy... I can never seem to step outside of some boxes with my characters. I always feel as if I have to make them young and 10 kinds of different and Tag is just so... human, and I friggen love it. He's completely normal, and that somehow makes him very unusual compared to a lot of OCs I see, including my own.
You have a lot of amazing creativity in that head of yours. <3
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IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, he kinda looks like Old Man Brian one of the people my friends used to play for Call Of Cthulhu. What makes it worse is that brian's insanity in the end gave him hoarding tendencies among other things XD
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No actually Tag is super nice and loves to help people often at his own expense, he just loves old things and likes to make them new again but gets so much stuff to fix and overwhelms himself with all of it, he chooses one thing to work on then puts everything else somewhere and forgets about it.
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He is my favourite
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he's one of my favorites too
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would you just
stop making the best characters ever omf
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i stopped making cool characters a few years ago i can only use my old ones now...
but i like my old ones better anyway C:
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