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Ive wanted to play this game so bad for as long as i can remember
but as hard as i tried i could never find a place to purchase it!
i saw the commercials, went to every video game store i could reach specifically requesting for Blinx, but as hard as i tried, and i tried HARD, harder than Axels dick when he catches Roxas jerking off in the communal bathroom, i could not get it!

It wasnt ever sold out, it just wasnt sold in the first place. at least not in my hometown, and if Langley is any scale of measurement for the rest of north America then maybe a whole lot of other people that wanted to play it couldnt get it either?

and maybe thats why it was badly received in north America compared to japan?
its awfully hard to like a game that you cant even buy? and you cant even play it at a friends house cause no one else you know has it either? and now 10 years later i cant even get the files to emulate it on my PC BECAUSE NO ONE HAS IT???!!! ive tried every torrent i could find, tried a whole bunch of broken downloads, a whole decade later and i still cant play BLINX THE KAWAII TIME JANITOR.


blink belongs to artoon i think?
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Awesome rendition of that cool cat! 8-)
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i love this holy shit
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Totally fantastic work, I love this :)
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ahhh ;D thanks so much
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You're so welcome, its gots this grooveylicious steam/diesel punk feel to it, just love it :)
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oh goodness me, XD okay here, I saw a link on amazon where you can buy it! XD goodness me, great work!
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pardon? where?
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awesome! my girlfriend already bought me a copy but thank you c:
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lol, okay ^^ Have fun!
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Awesome drawing.  =)  Love the detail you put into it.
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That looks awesome! Love how dynamic his pose is and the lines and colors ohhmyy Heart Animation 
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i wanted an xbox so bad just for this game holycow
its made by the same people who made burning rangers for sega! both games use the same credits song too

the angle and lines here are so gorgeous i could see them in a lavish picture book??  you've got so much variety in your art!
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crying forever
i was the same, i just wanted the game tho because i knew i could go to my friend seras house and use her xbox
also omg burning rangers looks sweet! elite anime firefighters wtfawesome jetpacks yeeeee :iconderpachuplz:
aww koga ;o; im so flattered
i had fun with the angle it makes me think of an anime opening with a cheesy panning shot of the characters in weird poses c:
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OHHHH MAN, I love how you drew him!! Ahhh, your style <3

I had this game as a kid :' > It was really, really great. It has a really neat style and I'm sad it never got well-known!
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kiwiiii <3 thankchu ;u; :iconblushuplz:
i have a mighty need to play this game its so kawaii lookin ima die
im really jelly of you, no one i knew in my childhood could find it :p
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No prob!!! :
I was such a crazy cat lover as a kid haha, I probably took one look at the game and begged my parents for it
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awman that super sucks that you can't find it anywhere D:
I guess you've tried looking on amazon and ebay or whatever?

this pic is very nyan though
i rike it
ees so soft
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no i mean i couldnt find it upon its north American release back on 2002
now its all over ebay but i has noe paipal
also im afraid to buy disks online cause i cant tell if theyre scratched to shit :p

also thank chu! yeah i had to add a tag "not shota"
i have 500 messages in my inbox i think im just gonna nuke it :iconyeahplz:
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oooo okay lol

pffff no you should go through every single message in your inbox
spend hours doin it
much fun to be had
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