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Grounded Kite

this is kite for :iconstaarii: <33
i havent drawn rii something in a long time, and i felt like some ms paint chus
this picture makes no sense but whatevs

kite belongs to :iconstaarii: clearly
this is just a present from me, i dont own kite
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AAAAA Alexis I'm so sorry this comment is unbelievably late. I have no excuse except for my own absentmindedness and lack of willingness to go through my messages. But I finally did and jc this is AMAZING. It's been so long since anyone has drawn Kite, and even if anyone had, it wouldn't mean nearly as much as it does coming from you. Kite holds a lot of symbolism for me between you and Sataw and the two of us ;w;
Anyway, thank you so much. I don't think words are capable of expressing how much I actually love this, so I hope just telling you that it's beautiful and I love it with all my heart is enough.
Thank you ;w;;;;; <333
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ohhh rii <3 its okay my comments are so late too, sometimes i just dont know how to reply to big heartfelt gushing ;0;
im glad you got around to looking at this! i noticed kite hadnt been drawn in a while and missed her and thought you might like to see some art of her~
i know how much she means to you and whenever someone draws my characters i feel really great and wanted you to feel good too!
your the greatest and im so glad you like it!
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Yes, I totes agree with jen...I love your ms paint drawings ;o; this looks really cool~
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thanks so much kia i really appreciate it :D im actually really proud of this drawing i had fun drawing it too!
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Gahh this is amazing ;w;
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thank you rabbid <3<3 ;0;
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just some ms paint fun C:
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This is sexy as hell.
Teach me your wizardly mspaint ways, o senpai!
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messy circles is my secret C:
its not a secret anymore whoops :o
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