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50th anniversary multi story
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FantasySciFiRealm's avatar
That would be an awesome if Tom Baker was in the special! I don't care if he looks older, they can come up with some excuse like that he aged in the process in coming to the 11th doctor's time-stream or something like that.
jayandjames's avatar
thats what they did with the children in need special
FantasySciFiRealm's avatar
Yeah but that was with Peter Davidson and Tennant and while I like "Time Crash" but I am saying they should have the newer Doctors meeting the classic Doctors more often. That's why I am disappointed that they don't seem to be having any of the other Doctors other than Smith, Tennant, and Hurt as the mystery Doctor.
jayandjames's avatar
yeah i know but it would make sense to use that as a reason theye so old personally i would also love to see paul mgaan(or how ever you spell his name) and sylvester mcoy back the 2 of my favorite doctors
lanie-art's avatar
does anyone actually know anything about the 50th anniversary? Like who's in it, when is it, where is it?
ChibiProwl's avatar
David Tennant,Billie Piper, and the lady who played Kate Lethbridge-Stewart are all in it. As are Matt as the Doctor and Jenna as Clara. It's supposed to air November 23rd.
lanie-art's avatar
okay, thanks! :)
ChibiProwl's avatar
You are quite welcome!
padruig's avatar
outstanding ... and an excellent idea overall
JesterTheTear's avatar
there's excitement, and then there is MY KIND OF EXCITEMENT!
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