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Albus Potter and the Mudblood Rebellion

A new evil is rising. An old member of the 'Order of the Death Eaters' is gathering followers, a false prophet foretelling the return of Lord Voldemort. Gathering all those of half blood opposed to the rule of the Ministry of Magic he soon begins an assault. A civil war on the ruling body of the british wizarding community.

Worried about the escalating unrest Harry Potter entrusts his son Albus and best friends Rose and Scorpius with a special task. The Remains of Three of Voldemorts Horcruxes lie hidden in the bowls of Hogwarts school. Albus Rose and Scorpius must work together to find them and stop them falling into Rebel hands and resurrecting Voldemort once again from his grave.
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What kind of font did you use for the subtext "And the Mudblood rebellion"?!
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i love the title and begin ideas of entrusting harry s son . But i think the Voldemort ship has sailed , if the story is to continue there needs to be a new bad guy. you cant tell me there isnt another wizard out there somewhere that is powerful with some serious hate problems that could work his way to power some how.
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How about an entire administration of corrupt pure-bloods in the Ministry of Magic that managed to escape from the Battle of Hogwarts that began their slow and steady suppression of rights and freedoms against any and all with "dirty-blood" status, repeating Tom Riddle's earlier reign just over a longer period of time?
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I like that idea. Something like this would be refreshing for the Wizarding World stories, set after the HP7
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Mmm, I dunno if I'm as enthusiastic about your idea as some of the other fellows (and fellowettes) here. If Harry knows the Horcrux pieces are in the castle, why wouldn't just do it himself or have school staff and/or commission Ministry officials take care of it. Why entrust his and his friends' kids with this task. And does Voldemort really need to be dragged back into this? This "new evil" doesn't feel very new seeing as their just half-blood death-eaters who want to "once again" resurrect their lord. It just rubs me the wrong way, then again it's a fan work.
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I want it right now!!! TTATT
This almost gave me a heart attack!!! I was soooo stoked but then.....I died on the inside. JK even caused me to die. Saw that she announced two new HP books.........ENCYCLOPEDIA'S ON THE HARRY POTTER WORLD AND CHARACTERS. I. AM. DEAD. WHY CAN'T IT BE REAL D: MY CHILDHOOD IS OVERRRRRRRR
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OMG! I thought this LEGIT! I feel both RickRolled and utterly amazed at this FREAKING AWESOMELY FANTASTIC IDEA! I WOULD READ IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN TILL THE MOVED CAME OUT AND THEN WATCH THAT TILL THE DIGITAL DATA GET CORRUPTED!  I think after that I might just have to re download it... Man, i got just one final thing to say.... CURSE YOU! WHY CAN'T THIS REALLY EXIST??????CURSE YOU! 

Hug  Thank you for re-igniting my dreams.  Love 
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WOW!! This sounds brilliant.

Is this your own or just something you read?? Either way, I'd LOVE to read it. :D
My own. The positive feedback makes me think I should post a full synopsis somewhere
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You should. It sounds like such an amazing story.
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You need to send this idea to JK Rowling. I bet a LOT of people will name you their ruler, ESPECIALLY if Jo writes more because of this.
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I didn't know I wanted that before I saw this, but now I want it a lot. Cool idea x3
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Cool idea^^ sounds interesting ;D
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