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Me: Ow....alright let's do that agai...wha? Why are you laughin?

Ryu: Wow....

Me: GASP! :noes:

:ambulance: So I asked Ryu to teach me to fight so that I can take on Wesker! [link] efforts were indeed fruitless...and somewhat embarrassing....

And YES! Many epic battles happen right in my room...You'd be surprised!

Created in 3DS Max Photoshop and Adobe Premier

Ryu Ripped: by Rexil
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nice...tengoque aprender el hadouken
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Ouch... i think his hadoken wasn't good on cloths ^^;
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Well... at least ya starting to learsn something really new :D i means... in a good way of fightings! :D
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hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha awesome and excellent job in there
very funny from you
K-E-Y-K-O's avatar
you're very welcome^^
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Well... win a few, lose a few, right?
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I can't recall winning a
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>_> Well, anyway this is pretty funny. But at least you still had your chest covered after that Hadouken...
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Anywho, I really like this piece. Reminds me of those movies that combine live action with animation (i.e. Pete's Dragon, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and such) Very well done. :)
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What!? Not even Being trained By Ryu Stopped wesker! Only One Man can help ypou And His Name Is Dante.
dante: Someone called?
Me: i want you to Go to UmbrellaSpecters House and Kill Wesker.
dante: Alright been wanting to fight him for awhile now.
me: Well then get on to it. Here's your Pay of 1,000 dollars Just Make sure lady doesn't find Out
Dante; let's rock!
me: Man I love that man. No not in a Sexual way more like A Brother.
vergil: I am Going to.
Me: alright
Vergil: Just to Watch My Idiot Brother fail.
Me: Oh I tend to think otherwise.
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I've been asking him to help me for a while...but like Deadpool...he just picks on me...and STEALS MY PIZZA! And VERGIL....he just belittles me in every conversation...=_= wait until I catch them on film one'll see their shinanagins!
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Vergil is Has A Good heart He Just Is Oblivious
Vergil: I Care Little for Humans
Me: Bull
Vergil: what!?
Me: If you Didn't Care for Humans than Why Didn't You Kill lady.
Vergil: Cause She wasn't worth my Time
Me: Sure and I'm Prince charming
Vergil: Be Sarcastic to me again and I'll Run yamato through you.
Dante: Well maybe You Shouldn't Leave Pizza Laying Around.
Me: Dante First off You Say you Are A Demon hunter And Yet you Can't even help This Poor Gal with her Wesker Problem?
Dante: She Brought him into your world It's her Problem Not mine
Me: dante It wouldn't matter You would still Help
Vergil: he has A Point Little brother
Dante: i know
Me: I know you more than you think i Do And Ryu Apologize To her Right Now
Ryu: never!
Me: Do it Or I'll Hadouken you!
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omg this is awesome
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Gotta be able to counter those hadoukens! Can be pretty pesky lol. Incredible work!
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lol buddy you rock XD
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