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Skin for Aimp Player.

Bullet; Yellow Dark & Light Versions
Bullet; Blue For Full Colors Go to : [ Menu > Skins > Pull the top colors bar to the far left till the bottom bar turns white > Apply ]

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Thank you for your support :)

Enjoy :)
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Steps I do  when I see your new Aimp skin :
1.Wow the skin looks so great , this is totally my new Aimp skin.
2.Download and install the skin
3. Realise the skin is dockable.
4.Go in the cornor of the room and whimper
5.Carry on with life in the hope someday you will make some awesome dockable skin someday.
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hehe, well i realize some people use the docking option yet i've tried to implant it before in my skins, but the instructions on how to do it properly in the aimp skin software is very unclear, i researched the matter before with no avail, docking option i guess is also linked to skin resizing option which usually messes up the layout when i try it. when i get the time i will ask around other aimp skinners who make this option in their skins to know how they do it properly :)
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Mmm, love it! Thanks! :+fav:
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Thank you Ewigblutend :)
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