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Jordskar are another species from Velukaelo. These guys are distantly related to the akadri Akadri doodles (added more) by umbrafen

They are one of the northern sentient species, but they're about to go extinct because a tribe a cannibal barbarian bounty hunters like to eat them and sell their body parts and use their skin for clothes. Jordskar are generally peaceful but they're also wary, and understandably so. They keep going farther and farther north and deeper into mountainous terrain due to the constant pursuit. I haven't completely gotten the process down yet, but jordskar were inspired by North American wood frogs and can freeze themselves due to their ability to produce cryoprotectants. They don't NEED to do this all the time, but when winters are really really harsh and their food stores are running low, they can freeze themselves to wait it out. Their bodies can go through multiple freeze/thaw cycles in a single season, and they will live as long as no more than 65% of their body water freezes.

Their toes look hard but are actually quite soft, like camel feet. They raise crops and livestock, the latter being allowed to roam and forage for themselves in the even that the jordskar have to freeze themselves. They are nomadic and in the summer they separate into family groups/tribes and in the winter they all unite to pool their resources. They do wear clothes of course, but I wanted to show what they look like underneath.
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Wow. This is just incredible. I LOVE him....he's so handsome ;-; Love that body shape too.