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Hibridi King Gunagi




This guy is for the Kanibar Snowfields region. He is a hibridi (they tend to be somewhere between human and akadri anatomy wise). Gunagi here is the king of the hibridi, and is a god in his own right. He's a very powerful dasrah user and has a close working relationship with the Kath pack. He is not a good dude. Very very bad man. He's the only DG who isn't an otherworldly looking god monster, and to me that's a testament to how powerful he is as a regular mortal.

I used an experimental process for this. I used a nakey 3D model as a base and did lots of erasing and repainting (the model basically only served a skeleton and everything else, face, limbs, clothes, etc. was just rendered as I went. I quite liked the process from a concept-work stand point as it gave me more freedom to play with the ideas I had. The result was that Gunagi actually came out, I'd say, 90-95% how I pictured him in my head, which is rare as fuck when I'm drawing a character for the first time. Cool deal.

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Ketucari Beta Round 2 - OPEN!Welcome to the Ketucari beta event (Round Two)!

New Member Slots Available: 122/200
After our first successful beta week opening, we feel we've made enough progress to reopen the group for a second wave of beta members! Make sure to read this journal in full, as it'll explain how this event will work and what's going to happen with the group in the future. We hope you guys will enjoy what we've begun to create and will stick with us to see what becomes of the project!
What exactly is the group's beta phase?
    We've been working on putting this group together for the past few months, trying to make it as much like a "real game" as we can. It was previously our intention to wait until the group was completely finished before we opened it, but I (Umbrafen) have come to the realization that the group's development simply cannot go forward without seeing how some of our systems ac
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