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Well, I didn't plan to do this tonight, it just sort of happened. Been noodling this critter for a really long time and finally got it out of my head! Still need to work on the legs and feet a bit, but for a first pass I'm happy with it. This creature is an akharoq, very very loosely based off akhlut! I took inspiration from lions, hyenas, polar bears, leopard seals, and yes, a little bit of whale!

My intention was to create something that could do well in cold weather and that is big enough for a person to ride for a little side project I've had my head for a few months. I'm leaning toward these things being pretty adaptable in water as well, though that definitely isn't their preferred habitat. 

Hopefully now that I have a visual, I can really start developing these things. I realllyyyy needed a side project to work on to keep my creative juices flowing and to give me more tasks to focus on to keep my anxiety at bay. I find doing this sort of thing really helps with that. 

More of these guys to come in the future! Feel free to ask questions, it'll help me develop them!

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-pets the big tummy-
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UMBRA....... sobs....... your work with anatomy kills me every time! I'm digging how you blended so many animals, in a way that's familiar but hard to pin down: the strength of a bear and lion, the bulk of a whale, but the mischievious glint of a seal. I can totally imagine one complaining, like so. :lol:

The art's solid and it's a fun concept, I'm happy to hear it's helping with your anxiety. Currently I'm most curious to know how one could create a saddle that's both for riding and swimming/underwater. There are lots of possibilities here, can't wait to see more!
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I can definitely see them complaining like that :XD: Might burst one's eardrums with them being so big, but points for cuteness! The saddle problem is an interesting one. My first guess would be the use of fat/blubber to make it somewhat water repellent but that might cause it to get too slippery to ride in comfortably :confused:
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Hahaha yeah definitely! Riding a creature like this would be pretty hard, and you'd need a LOT of straps, harnesses, and maybe blankets. They're so cute though, oh I'm excited to see more of 'em! <3
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That looks super cool :D I kinda adore him. ^_^
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Omg these look great!0.0
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Now I want one xD
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ohhhhhh i love this omg 
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