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Akadri doodles (added more)



Here I drew more of my alien sheep people. I'm getting more comfy with more human anatomy since I've been drawing so many anthros. Still learning, though. I will probably change some things as I develop this species more. The headshots are from March- I added the leg studies, the hand, and the guy and the chick at the bottom as well as a bunch of info. Note that the guy and the girl would probably have more colors dyed in their fur and be wearing some fancy clothes but I wanted to just focus on their anatomy for now. If yall want to ask some questions about them, go ahead, it helps me develop them mo' better.

Just some studies I did to start getting a handle on my the main race in my headworld : D Like many of my creations, I've had these guys for a long time but I'm just now putting them down on paper. They're called akadri and they live in my world Velukaelo. They are very intelligent and innovative, and also rather aggressive toward other races. For a while, they had basically enslaved "lesser" races and even driven some of them underground. They've recently become more accepting and placid after getting their main deity's butt kicked by the other gods and their main city getting destroyed. Since akadri don't have much (or any) pigment in their fur or skin, a lot of them will express individuality through tattoos, piercings, dyed fur, and flashy garb. Males are huge and buff and basically dwarf the much smaller, lightweight females. They're all pretty hardy, though.

They do have blood circulating through their horns, so it hurts like a bitch when they break. They also lose a lot of blood when that happens, so I pity that poor young male who seems to have had a mishap with one of his horns xD I really like all of these guys, I might make them into actual characters ;u; Fullbodies will happen soon, hopefully!
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Oh goodness these are wonderful @.@ I love them so!