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A new beginning

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WOW long time, no art, you guys!

I left Tokotas a while back due to time constraints, but lately I've been feeling the urge to come back because I needed inspiration to get back to drawing. DrazziElder graciously gave me this gal and I've been slowly amassing some genos for my pack rebuild the past few days! This is the first piece I've done in quite a while. As you can see, my style has changed a bit because 1) I forgot how to draw tokotas and 2) I got a Huion GT-221 (at least I think that's what it's called, it's been a while), so no more pencil sketches! 

It's taken me a while to get used to it, but I've learned a lot about lining from doing these imports for Ketucari. Still not the best with clean lines, but I've come a long way!
Ryno Build Smooth by Umbrafen Ryno Build Harpy by Umbrafen

Hoping to put out more art in the near future! We shall see!

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Oh how beautiful! Tokos have an unrivaled kinda majesty, which you captured well here with the flowing muscles and lush colors. The atmosphere really shines, all misty like a chilly spring morning. What better way to start an ARPG run? Congrats on getting back in the game, I look forward to seeing more of Zahara-- and all the other characters and projects you have planned! <3

(Am I reading that right, btw: 26,000+ tokotas? Oh my goodness!!)
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Thanks so much! I love that the group offers motivation to stretch your artistic muscles and try new things. I've really been missing the will to do personal art lately and this is definitely helping me get it back. And goodness yes, the toko population has exploded! I believe they are now in the 30,000's!
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(I can't believe there's 30,000 tokos now omggg. Talk about filling a world!)

But that's a good thing, because this is the third time I've heard somebody praise the ARPG's ability to bring a person's art spark back. It's one of the best subcultures here on dA, and one I'm tempted to get into myself. I'm happy to hear it's helped keep you inspired! =D
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It's awesome to see you back in the community! :D This piece is beautiful and I can't wait to see more from you :heart:
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Thanks so much, it feels great to be back!
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This is really nice omg
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Bae. I like that blurring effect.
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Thanks bby <3
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Holy smokes!  Teach me haha
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It's all about them reference images yo! XD
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Haha, I'm trying but still not great... but practice.   
This is more my arpg account and I have a side account that I now use for my higher quality artwork. One day :p
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This looks fantastic!!
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