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so this is PRETTY late coming, mostly because I've been lazy, BUT I'd like to open up opportunities of cameos for background characters!! I've never really had a need for them before but I figure it's fun and I want to try and populate the world a little more and also I may have a crowd scene in the next page that I've been putting off for months and need to fill up I mean what

anyways! just feel free to fill out the form right here! it's self-explanatory, and "site" just means what site you're from (dA, tumblr, etc) and where you would like to be credited and linked back to.

there's a limit of three characters per person, and the only requirements is that they be a gijinka already, and not a legendary. my world doesn't have jinkas with animal ears/tails/etc, but you can still go ahead and include characters that do! they'll probably just be removed is all. otherwise, have at it!

this isn't gonna be just general cameos though, because team rocket are a thing! they've got a lot of mooks that I've just came up with quick random designs for in the past, but it can be difficult when there may be a lot of them. so, if you're okay with a character bein' a random rocket grunt, then you can put so. note that they're gonna be in the black rocket uniform, so this would work better for designs that are recognizable via facial features/hair/a few key accessories they can still wear (a scarf, glasses, etc), but it's not required.

so that's it! thanks in advance for letting me borrow your kids
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slamdunks three people in here <3