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hey hey! welcome to a new special kind of extra comics I'm gonna be doing alongside the main pages, the "MEANWHILE" chapters! aka "umber's bad at writing and is desperately trying to make up for it way later" but that's not as catchy a title. the purpose is to show certain events and scenes happening outside of our main group (and in this case, in the past). a lot of it is gonna focus on the sorely unrepresented rival team, but there's gonna be some windows into other goings on elsewhere too. even though they are extras, they'll still be relevant and required reading for the main story.

anyways, I hope you enjoy 'em!! I'm excited to get a chance to establish things and develop some of these side characters more which I should've been doing before but y'know. Writing Hard.

speaking of hhhhhhahahahh this page was mostly done for a while actually but I was agonizing over the writing for ages, just one of those really annoying ones where I'm not sure if I'm getting across what I want. idk if I'm satisfied yet but sometimes you just gotta accept things and let it go to the wind, whooooosh

I do try to keep wring relatively pg-13, but boy arian and elle's swear jars don't really help that case, hah. sometimes I worry it's overbearing but I guess that's what you get when you're dealing with an Edgy Teen

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Team Arian! I've always loved Damian's design and now we get to love him too.