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well that's normal!

so, you know what's pretty hard? making interesting gijinkas. you know what's even harder? making interesting gijinkas that are of a certain role or occupation. you know what's even really harder? making interesting gijinkas that are of a certain role or occupation while nothing in their original design lends itself well to that role. I sure hope that even without the pic in the title, it's clear enough that that's some kind of natu archeologist digger... guy. what a strange boy he is.

I also forgot to mention last page that I'm actually on the nuzlocke forums now! that... still links back here, but hey might as well mention it. if that's something you're interested in, you can take a gander at that here.

now please enjoy these very pink ruins.

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i spy a wall with my name on it.
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I spot our dearest jeff with the souvenirs, do I not? heheh, bet the kid bought tons of weird stuff. GOSH can I remind you how much I love him? Look at all the background shuffling he's doin XD  And oooh Elle. not a history fan, huh? Fair game, we can't all like history. It seems like SOMEONE doesn't want to enter those ruins however... Seems like he has no choice either way.

Prime recipe for spooky, ya don't say. It's creepy and it's spooky, it's all together ooky. XD  And pfksdkfosjf I CANNOT BELIEVE. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. I like big butts and I cannot lie. OH. O H . Sneaky unown, being their own creepy selves. AND OUT POPS A MYSTERY AND EXCITEMENT PERSON.

Leon is too far away from the group, pls let him return to the others. Also omg I want to figure out what they're all saying behind those text bubbles... mmmhmm.... Also yeah Elle ya gotta get outta there because Leon ain't doing too swell, yo.

Annnd way down he go...


holy moly ships ... what the heckie is happening here... No matter what's happening, Leon ain't liking it... sdfkjkdjf YOU CANT JUST KICK A MAN WHEN HE'S DOWN ELLE. JEEZ. kdsjkfjdsaf NOTHING ELSE WAS WORKING dafjdsf  Jeff pls I love u

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I'll admit it took a second glance to guess he was a natu but your gijinka designs are excellent! I admire the sheer detail that went into Alph's backgrounds!
Flowerbush's avatar
i fucking lost it at "kawaii desu nyaaaa"
Yuriakashu's avatar
yessssssssssssssssss unown time
GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar
Umberoff's avatar
the ancient people knew the most important things in life to pass down ;0
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"Do you ever really wonder though? Where these ruins came from? What it all meeeeaans?"
"What kinda strange and wise messages these mysterious people had to tell us?"

:iconunowniplz:    :iconunownlplz::iconunowniplz::iconunownkplz::iconunowneplz:    :iconunownbplz::iconunowniplz::iconunowngplz:    :iconunownbplz::iconunownuplz::iconunowntplz::iconunowntplz::iconunownsplz:
:iconunownaplz::iconunownnplz::iconunowndplz:    :iconunowniplz:    :iconunowncplz::iconunownaplz::iconunownnplz::iconunownnplz::iconunownoplz::iconunowntplz:    :iconunownlplz::iconunowniplz::iconunowneplz:
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I admire the commitment to set this comment up, A BRAVO FOR YOU
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haha it was fun reading the letters to see if they said anything.
ixalia's avatar
"smoke weed erryday"

indeed these are some wise ass ancients.  i still can't get over people making a big deal about how amazing or wise something historical was but what if in reality in that language or whatever it was something stupid like "rekt lol"
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I laughed and laughed at the randomness on the walls.
IcarusHector's avatar
Just about lost it when I saw Sir Mix-a-lot on that wall. and "Look at this nerd"

that red letter, the one still red after it all went down, is the saame as the one that was creeping in the bushes awhile back.

and when things started going to shit three letters turned red, U or O, the R, and either an x or a y. = -ory

and the r remains lit.

Wat. My ancient conspiricy chosen one senses are tingling soo hard.

That said, did any of that stuff on the wall have plot significance? Or was it all jokes?
Umberoff's avatar
Hehe, can't quite tell you if you're on the mark or not yet, but I am enjoying reading this reasoning none the less B)

But yeah, a lot of the stuff on the walls were either jokes or unreadable placeholders, but there are a couple very small hints littered about here and there!
IcarusHector's avatar
I eagerly await more. :3
jadethestone's avatar
"R" for... Rocket...?
Silval58's avatar
"What kind of strange and wise messages these mysterious people had to tell us?"

Wall = I like big butts and I cannot lie...

Umberoff's avatar
hehe, THANKS.

the ancient people know what's TRULY important...
Miscomunication's avatar
"Check out spooky shit ooooo". "This nerd." One wall completley made of "this is cool."
Sassy unown XD
Tifa-the-Strange's avatar
I've been having too much fun reading the Unown hieroglyphs XD
Pizza. Look at this nerd, what a f%$#. Kawaii Desu Nyaaa. Creepy weird sh*t.

I can stare at the panels all day and read whatever odd or funny message you left XD

I especially love the Pizza Pizza panel X3
Umberoff's avatar
Sorry for the late reply, but haha thanks! Half the fun was trying to think of whatever other stupid things I could shove in there, lmao
Phandenstein's avatar
Okay, this thing just got a whole lot better when I started actually reading the Unown messages XD
Did you use a text font for this or did you actually have to copy-paste Unowns for all the things you did here? ._.
Umberoff's avatar
Thanks! :> I did actually use a font for the Unowns I got somewhere, and just warped them around later (oh man copy-pasting all of them that'd be awfullll haha)
Phandenstein's avatar
Ooooh, I need to find one of those fonts then!
(and yeah, that would have been terrible. Just making ONE sentence would hurt, but making ALL THOSE THINGS. Those things kill people.)
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