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WRINGLOCKE: Chapter 27.3



it's german for "cool"

some Flash Fire Facts: they're a mostly female underground band that blends rock, punk, and a bit of pop, with a pretty frenetic and frantic sense of style. I've been trying to find a good real life representation of their sound and so far haven't nailed it exactly. the closest I've gotten is "a harder and slightly more punk early Metric". or maybe "an english and less sweet sounding tricot"? so take that as you will. I have a few sketches of the esteemed members that are a bit old, but maybe I'll refine 'em one day

too bad for the irony of their name referencing that One Thing you're kinda weird about though! but hey these things are situational. should anyone be surprised that hair's not an original. boy's not strong enough to come up with a cut that bold on his own

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I decided to read through all of this again and couldn't help think of this band when you described Flash Fire (except it's a male version)…